You Stay Warm, Let Us Move You!

Let’s face it, winter moving is not fun. In addition to all the stressors that come with moving, you also have to deal with seasonal hazards. Fortunately, you can avoid all of these issues by hiring professional movers at Men on the Move! However, what hazards will you be facing during the snowy season? Seasonal […]

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BNI Movers and Members

Men on the Move is a proud member of the BNI with membership in Farmington Hills and representatives in other chapters, we highly recommend local businesses to join the group.  Being one of the BNI Movers and members,  we see firsthand how the group can help you grow your business. Take a look at how […]

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WINTER IS HERE! If you’re planning to move in the New Year and during the winter, now is the time to Get a Free Quote and Schedule Your Move! The winter special is from Men on the Move is updated for this year! With the cold and snow, stress is rising for people needing to […]

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What To Expect From Professional Movers

It’s important to know what to expect from professional movers. Moving is one of the biggest stressors a person can experience. As a result, many people hire professional movers to make the process easier. However, understanding the expectation of the movers and yourself can make moving a cakewalk. So, what should expect from your professional […]

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Emergency Movers

It is rather stressful to hire emergency movers. While most people have time to carefully plan out their moves, others are not so lucky. A sudden change in your life can cause you to scramble to find movers on short notice. These circumstances can leave people in a tight situation with very few options. However, […]

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Rising Federal Interest Rates Affecting Home Buying?

As many of us have seen, everything is becoming more expensive. Due to COVID-19, international shipping embargoes, and economic instability, the United States economy is experiencing rapid inflation. In response, the Federal Reserve has increased federal interest rates in an effort to decrease inflation and stabilize the economy. But while many people understand costs to be […]

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