Great Experience!

I had a great experience using Men in the Move! During a highly stressful time, they made things very easy. The movers were professional, fast and very efficient with space since we were moving our belongings into a storage unit. I also underestimated the number of boxes I had during the initial quote and they were still able to complete the move for $200 less than my quote. I highly recommend letting men on the move handle your next move!

Would Use Them Again!

I used Men on the Move recently for my move from a 2nd-floor unit to another 2nd-floor unit with no elevator. I was lucky to have a 3rd guy on the move who was in training. Either way, I found the gentleman to be professional and fast and they threw in lots of jokes along the way. They even skipped their brief break to keep things going for me. I was VERY satisfied. Nothing was damaged. There was a slight smear on my big TV but nothing more. Great job, I would use them again.

10 Out of 10!

We moved from Milford, MI to Wauconda, IL. The service was great. Priced fairly, fast movers…careful, very pleasant .. can’t say enough about how smooth our move went!! I rate them 10 out of 10…
Don’t hesitate to call Men on the Move!

Amazing Crew!

Brian and his crew were amazing! We were told all kinds of horror stories about movers so we were very cautious in choosing Men on the Move. Seeing all the excellent reviews and accolades, we took our chance. The crew moved us from Livonia to Manistee and were skillfully fast and talented in filling two trucks within three hours. They were very polite and went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied with their work. We are so relieved nothing major was broken or damaged. We highly recommend Men in the Move!

Supporting Seniors

We had a natural disaster at our senior apartment building and Men on the Move was the most important part of our relief efforts. They handled our seniors with kid gloves. We worked with them for months. They did a phenomenal job keeping everything straight and not breaking anything. But the best thing they did was to handle the crankiest of our residents with absolute professionalism and the utmost respect. They accomplished what we once thought was an impossible feat, they pleased every single senior citizen without a single complaint. (that’s 65 senior apartments) We will always recommend this company to everyone. If you are on the fence about who to hire, consider this review your reason to hire Men on the Move.

Hard-Working and Respectful

If you are looking for hard-working respectful workers who go the extra mile, choose men on the move to get the job done. I give them a ten out of ten rating. You won’t regret it.