Moving During the School Year

If you have kids, I’m sure you have dealt with the stress of the back to school fiasco. But, what about the hassle of having to move with young children during the school year?

child moving during the school year

Unfortunately, not all moves are planned. Sometimes we have to hire an emergency moving service due to evictions, family emergencies, or other surprise situations. When short notice moves take place, your children may have to switch schools depending on whether you are moving locally or long distance. As a parent, it is important to be by your child’s side and support them throughout the moving process. Moving away from friends or even just moving from an environment that they have grown used to can be hard for children regardless of their age. So as a parent, how do you help your child with moving during the school year?

Tips for moving with children during the school year:

  • Understand that your child will have feelings. Although the move may be easy for you, understand that your child may be angry, upset, or act out due to the move. Chances are they will blame you. Be there for your child and let them know that you understand them. Changing schools is stressful enough, addressing their anxiety instead of ignoring it will help them through the transition process.
  • Be there for your child. Do not get caught up in the hassle of moving so much that you “forget” about your child. It is important to continue to talk to them and let them know that you are there. Keep them involved in the moving process and make them feel included. It may help develop an excitement towards that move.
  • Explain to them about making a good impression. Let them know that this is a chance to start over if they choose. If they were having a hard time at their old school, maybe they are looking forward to making a new and better impression. This is a time to make new friends, create new relationships, and make the first impression that they may have wished they had made in the past.

Every child will handle moving during the school year differently. Some will be thrilled, while others may struggle. We have many printable moving tips for parents that can help with various aspects of moving. For more information, or if you need to schedule a short notice move, contact us today!

Best Way to Schedule a Move in the 2018 New Year.

Schedule a Move Today

2018 is here! At Men on the Move, we have been helping people all over Metro Detroit planning their early 2018 moves. Waiting until after the holidays to move was smart as you probably avoided a lot of stress. But moving in 2018 can be even easier and less stressful if you pre-plan your move as well. When you have a professional moving company like Men on the Move to help you move, you know you’re in good hands.

We have tips and tricks you can use on your next residential move or business relocation in 2018 and we’re glad to share them with you. The best way to schedule a move in the 2018 new year is through planning and preparation. There is a lot you can do on your own first, contacting your local professional moving company should be one of them. Yes, we will be happy to give you a quote, but will also give you solid advice on how to schedule a move.

Easy Things to Do When You Schedule A Move

Check your schedule

If you have a firm date on your move-in day, give yourself enough time to schedule your move out. You need to plan for the time it’ll take too only pack and move but also to settle into your new home. If the timing between moving into your new place and moving out of your old place overlaps, pre-planning your move will be especially important. Make sure your new home or apartment will be ready for when you need to move or if you need in-between moving storage, Men on the Move can help.

We also have handy timelines to help you move right here on our website. Planning and giving yourself enough time to pack will be crucial for a stress-free move.

Book A Mover in Advance  

The best tip we can offer: Hire a professional moving company to make your move a breeze. Relying on friends to help your move is a risk, but we’re reliable. We show up on time and ready to work around your schedule. When you plan your move with Men on the Move you can trust you’ll have a courteous and professional experience. Scheduling your move in advance ensures that your move-in date will happen on time and on schedule. 

Account for the Weather

With how unpredictable the weather is you should account for everything and anything. If you’re moving in January or February you may have to deal with snow and ice. Making sure your walkways are safe for movers and cleared of snow are key. Having salted sidewalks will help your movers stay safe and keep you on schedule. Rain or Sleet? Make sure any couches are covered, and sensitive materials are protected from the elements. Plan for any kind of weather and you won’t be caught off guard.

Need to budget for your move? We’ll give you a free quote and help you schedule a move. Fill out our free quote form and get ready to move!  


How to Manage Temporary Residential Moves Between Your Old and New Home

If you’ve ever experienced the stress that is involved with temporary residential moves you know stress. Managing your life while closing on a home or waiting for your apartment to be ready certainly qualifies. Even though your home isn’t ready for you to move into, you have options. We’ll walk you through your options and even give you a few tips.

Temporary residential moves

Managing your life in between homes can be done! It just takes planning.

If You’re A Renter…

See If Your Landlord Will Give an Extension

See if your landlord can work with you with the move out date. Explain the situation and they may be willing to work with you. In some major cities, this is harder to do, and your landlord may prorate the days you stay longer.

For storage ask the new landlord if you could store stuff at your new place while they get it ready. Some times they are willing to do that.  Be wary, however, sometimes there isn’t a way for things to stay safe and your items could get damaged. Local moving and storage companies are great because not only will they store your items, but they’ll also move them when you are ready.

Dorm and College Moving
Moving from the dorms back home or to your first apartment? You can make it easy with dorm room moving companies like Men on the Move. We help college moves all the time and can assist with yours!

Temporary Storage

The biggest thing you’ll have to account for is where to put your stuff. You need a secure place that will keep your personal items safe and secure. Yes you could ask your friends, but no one wants to put people out like that for long periods of time. If you’re waiting for your home to open up, and think it may be a while, you should look into temporary secure storage spaces.

If you need a company that can house your stuff temporarily, we here at Men on the Move can help. See our secure storage page for details.

Temporary Housing

You yourself will need a place to rest your head. There are a few options for you depending on the time frame of which you’ll need to. For short term displacement, family or with a friend is probably the safest and easiest. Be wary of looking on Craig’s list or random posts. Extended stays at hotels can be an option, many offer discounts if not in travel or business  centers. There are temporary spaces to rent, such as short term leases and single month leasing. You’ll have to do some research and price compare to see what your best option is.

Living With The Basics

If you are moving your stuff to a storage container, we recommend thinking carefully about packing. Put non-essential items in the back, and items you’re more likely to use in the front. Boxes you would want to consider keeping closer to the front: Office items, any kitchen items you can’t live with out (coffee maker we’re looking at you), and clothes that you may need. 

Pack an “essentials” Bag and Box

Make sure you leave one box (a personal bag) filled with items you will use on a regular basis. Much like a “vacation bag” pack like you’ll be gone on vacation. Clothes and toiletries you’ll need and any items you’ll want on a regular basis, make sure they are accessible. We highly recommend having an entertainment bag, a personal bag, and an odds and ends bag (for kitchen items you can’t live with out and other odds and ends that you’ll need). 

For all your moving needs, choose Men on the Move to assist. We can help you with packing supplies, short term moves, temporary storage!


What To Look For When Purchasing A Home With A Deck or Porch

When you think of your dream home you may have a list in your head of what you want. It might be a big kitchen, a walk-in closet, or a nice porch or deck you can enjoy the outdoors on. Purchasing a home with a deck not only gives you access to the great outdoors but also gives you home more space to entertain and host guests. When purchasing a home with a deck or porch, you need to be diligent in inspecting it before you purchase your home.

Also, looking over and inspecting the deck in question will help you save money and headaches in the long run. If you purchased a home with a deck that is unsafe or falling apart replacing it will cost you and eat into your budget. We here at Men on the Move want your move into your dream home to go smoothly so we made a list of things to look for when purchasing a home with a deck or porch.

Remember, for all your moving needs choose Detroit’s best – Men on the Move! Now onto the list.

Tips for buying a home with a deck or porch

Making sure your next home’s deck is safe will save you time and money!

Advice For Purchasing A Home With A Deck or Porch

You are probably wondering “What should I be looking for when purchasing a home with a deck”. There isn’t much out there on the internet regarding this topic, but if this is part of your ideal home, you need to do your research.

Ask About The History

Ask who built the deck. You need to know if it was a homeowner with DIY ambitions or a professional. If you know that it was the homeowner you need to be especially leery. Most DIYers don’t know all the proper regulations and can lead to fines, or worse, accidents. If you know that the deck was built by the homeowner, and they are not a professional, get the deck inspected by a professional.

The Devil Is In The Details

You need to look closely at things on the deck to make sure it is in good condition. Things such as wood, posts, railing, and foundation. Any signs of rotting is an immediate red flag, especially on posts (and bases), beams, and ledgers. These repairs can be costly or worse unfixable. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by inspecting these elements for rot and decay.

Feel For Structural Issues

Walk across the deck a few times to feel the for the structure of the deck. There should be NO movement when you walk across it and no weakness in the boards.  Any wobble (especially on a second story deck) is an immediate red flag that you should walk away from. You should also look to see if there are any bumps or warping in the boards. If there are undulations, that is a red flag for foundation issues. Unless you have money in your budget to fix these issues, stay away.

Get the Deck Inspected by a Professional

If you are unsure if the deck or balcony is safe, get it inspected. There are lots of local companies out there who will inspect your potential deck for any issues. Just like you’d get a used car inspected, you should do the same for your porch.

We hope this list has helped you with your decision making. Remember, whenever you decide to move, hire a professional and make it go smoothly! Get your free quote today!


Essentials Items For New Homeowners

Congratulations on becoming a homeowner! Now that you own your own home, you need to supply yourself with the proper tools to and items to maintain and live in your home. We want your first foray into home ownership to be a success. You’ll need these essential items for your new home.

Tips for a new Homeowner

If you want to make your move into your new home a breeze hire Men on the Move!

Before we get into the list, how are you moving into your new place? Don’t put your friends and family out for a favor, hire a moving company. Men on the Move can help you move into your new home quickly and as stress-free as possible. Get your free quote for your move into your first home today.

Things That Every Homeowner Should Own

Fire extinguisher – One of the first things you’ll need for your new home is a fire extinguisher. You want to be prepared for any situation you may encounter in your new home, fire being a big one. Make sure you have one per floor and make sure they are easily accessible

Tarp– You’d be surprised how handy a tarp will be at your new home. Whether you’re painting, doing yard work, or going camping a tarp is very handy to have around. They’ll last forever  

Toolkit- If you haven’t already started accumulating tools and other DIY items now is the time to start. Hammer, screwdrivers, tape measure, and

-Power drill

-Stud finder (very hand for hanging photos and TVs)

-Table Saw

Ladder– Never thought you’d need this while you were renting an apartment, but when you own a house it’s essential. A ladder will come in handy when changing light bulbs, hanging photos, and hanging decorations, and so much more.

Emergency kit – This includes things like a first aid kit, headlamp,  flashlight, matches, candles etc. This should be your go-to kit when something happens. Electricity goes out, people get hurt, and things happen so be prepared. Here is a great resource for putting together a kit

So these are some of the basics, and we’re sure you’ll think of more as you move into your new place. Just remember if you need a local mover who can help make your big move happen quickly and efficiently Men on the Move is available for hire!

Moving Heavy Furniture

Preventing Injury During Your Move

Be safe when moving heavy furniture

Moving heavy furniture is never fun, especially with the looming threat of injury or damaging your personal belongings. You have to consider what you can and can’t do physically, and be realistic about it. furniture material can range from light, to heavier than it looks. Sometimes the best route is to ask for help, from friends, family, or by hiring a moving service to help.

If you have sustained injuries (recent or old ones) that prevent you from being able to be fully independent during your move, don’t hurt yourself further, hire a professional. We’ve got an entire team of movers who can help you get your move done quickly and efficiently, with our putting any strain on you and your body. We understand that not everyone can perform their moves alone, and we are here to help. 

Here are some quick tips and tricks to helping you not hurt yourself while you move.

Dress for the day-

Wear shoes that won’t slip, and clothes that can handle the activity of moving. Dress appropriately and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Lift from the Legs-

Old but tried and true. When moving or lifting heavy objects you’ll need to take the stress off your back. Kneel down and lift from your knees and legs rather than your back.

Pack Smart-

Make sure weight is distributed evenly between boxes. We recommend not having a box that is over 50 lbs. You should be able to lift the box without any strain.

(Psst we also offer packing services if you need someone else to make your move easier)

Know Your Limits- When Moving Heavy Furniture

Don’t push yourself harder than you have to. If you need to call it quits because you can feel an injury coming on, don’t chance it. We here at Men on the Move can help make your move injury free. We’ll even give you a free quote to give you an idea of how much your move will cost.

If you need help with you or a family member’s move, let us help. If you don’t want to injure or hurt yourself, then avoid it all together. We’ve been in the moving service for over 25 years and know what we’re doing. We’ll make it easy on you too with a free quote for you next move.

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