Tips on Moving with Pets

Moving from one place to another can very stressful, but have you ever wondered how stressful it is on pets? As a result your pets can become easily anxious and stressed over the littlest things. First of all just imagine how anxious they can get when their family is relocating. They aren’t used to unexpected event in their lives. It’s a new environment for them; a new start. Moving with pets can be very challenging. Therefore here are some helpful tips from Men on the Move to make your move smoother and your pet happier!

5 Things to help make moving with pets easier

  1. Moving with PetsPrepare an overnight kit: with that being said, be sure to pack their grooming tools, their favorite toys, a blanket, plenty of food, and anything else your pet might like. Having this overnight kit is an easy way to show your pet that you care about them. Preparing an overnight kit will help to keep your pet as comfortable as possible when preparing to move and they will appreciate you.
  2. Inform your vet: whether you’re moving somewhere local or out of town, your pet’s vet needs to know. This way they can give you any prescription medications that your pet needs and give you their records. If its a long distance move, be sure to ask your pet’s vet if they have any recommendations to other vets in the surrounding area of your new neighborhood.
  3. Quiet areas: the best way to the reduce stress on pets are by keeping them in quiet areas. By simply removing them from all of the action on the day of the move will help lift a burden off of your pet and yourself.
  4. Unpack before moving in your pet: unpacking and setting up as much as you can in your new house is recommended before introducing your pet to the new place. Once you’ve got at least one room unpacked, allow for your pet to see the new home. Your pet is just as important as you are with this move. Be sure to ride in your car when taking them to the new place and make sure that they’re secured. Give your pet a lot of attention for a couple of days to help them adjust better.
  5. Update your address: after you’ve moved completely into your new home, be sure to update your pet’s tags and other important information.

Need Help?

Moving with pets can add to an already stressful situation. Are you looking for a company to help you move you and your pet? Men on the Move would be more than happy to assist you. We can help lift that burden off of your shoulders. Contact us today to receive a free quote. We enjoy seeing our customers satisfied!

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