Tips On How To Safely Move Your Houseplants

Safely moving house plants

Got a green thumb? While a lot of people are satisfied with fake plants, plenty of others enjoy having live plants. For plant lovers, you get attached. After all, you nurture your plants as a parent would.  So it is obvious you would want to take your houseplants with you. But is it safe? Will they die? To safely move your houseplants can be a challenge.

Are you worried about moving with your plant? Moving through Men On The Move is as simple as you can get. We are a trustworthy company with decades of experience. Our staff knows the importance a plant can hold. Whether you received a fern at your grandfather’s funeral or have been working really hard on growing a Japanese maple tree, we understand. We also understand that plants require extra special care. Many moving companies refuse to ship household plants because of the special care expected from them. But not Men On The Move! We will safely move your house plant from destination to destination with the utmost care.

Ways To Safely Move Your Houseplants

Pack the Plant in a Box

safely moving your houseplant

First of all, your plant has to go into a box. Considering things shift during a move, you don’t want to arrive at your new place with your plant dumped out. Depending on the size, there are different methods of boxing so you can safely move your houseplants. So here are packing tips based on the size of your plant.

Small Plants

  • For small plants, it far more simple. It just depends on what you are packing. For tiny succulents and other miniature potted plants, you can pack them in a closed box. All you need to do is cushion them, so they are secure. You can place a bag over the plant to prevent soil from spilling. After that, you need to poke a few holes into your closed box so there is airflow. Don’t forget to label the box with “FRAGILE” and “LIVE PLANT.” That way movers know to handle the box with care

Large Plants

  • Sometimes, putting your plant in a box isn’t an option. So to safely move your houseplants that are a bit bigger, it’s a bit different. For larger plants, you need to cover the pot with plastic and secure it. When placing them in your car, you should tilt them a bit. This will prevent soil from spilling out into the plastic.

Taking a Cutting of the Beloved Plant

Sometimes your plant needs a trim. Well, in this case, a cut. Although many houseplants can endure travel, some plants are too big to move. In those instances, you have to settle with taking a piece. After finding a healthy area, you need to cut about 3 to 6 inches from the bush. Make sure it’s clean-cut. Once you have part of your beloved plant, you need to keep it moist and hydrated till you can replant it. The best options are usually a flower vase or securing it in wet towels.

Take Them in the Car with You

Taking your plants in the car is the safest way to move them. If you are transporting your plant, you can ensure that it gets all the sunlight and water they need. It also guarantees they get airflow. The best place for them will be inside the car, rather than the trunk. This is especially true when it comes to long-distance moves. If you decide to move your plants on a long move, you need to be careful. When you are stopping for more than an hour, open a window so your houseplants can get air.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful to you and your move. Good luck with your move and your houseplants! If you have any questions, contact one of our locations for more information.