A New Year A New Move


New Year MoveIn the coming year, you may be looking to move and upgrade to a new home. Many circumstances may cause someone to move and moving at the beginning of the new year can be the best time. Whether you are moving to Novi, Canton, Plymouth, Troy, Ann Arbor, Shelby Township, or Farmington Hills, Men On The Move is the best choice for you!

Reasons For a New Year Move

New Job

One of the reasons that people relocate during the New Year is due to a new job. Getting a new job is always a great reason to move. People often change jobs during the New Year for a few reasons. This includes cutting commuting time between your home and workplace, better benefits, and a pay raise. Looking for a new job in the New Year is a great way to start the year and a great reason to move! 

Better House

Another reason that people want to move is for a better house. People’s needs change so you may need to move into a house that can better accommodate you and your family. So, if you are adding to your family or just finding the house a little smaller as your family grows, moving into another house is always the best idea.

Better Area

Are looking for a better area? When you move into a new house, choose a location that will work for you and your family in the long run. Think about the community that you are moving into, and the school system that your new house is in. All of these things are important things to know before you live in a new area. Also, you should think about how the community will grow. Decide whether you want to live in a popular growing city such as Canton or a homey city such as Ann Arbor.

Cheaper Moving Costs

Moving in the winter can be a challenge. However, you cannot beat the price! The cold weather and school often disincentivize people from moving. Due to demand being low, moving rates go down for customers. While taking advantage of these prices means you have to relocate during the snowy season, it means your overall move will cost you less.

Hire Men on the Move

You should hire Men On The Move to help relocate to your new home! Here at Men On The Move, we are known for our excellent customer service and have years of experience in helping people move. We are the best choice for anyone in Michigan who is looking to move. Contact us today and fill out our quote form!

You Stay Warm, Let Us Move You!

moving and packing in the winter

Let’s face it, winter moving is not fun. In addition to all the stressors that come with moving, you also have to deal with seasonal hazards. Fortunately, you can avoid all of these issues by hiring professional movers at Men on the Move! However, what hazards will you be facing during the snowy season?

Seasonal Hazards: Winter

The winter season brings a list of hazards that are hard to overcome alone. These three months bring snow and ice, which leads to horrible moving conditions. In addition to the slipping hazards, dirt mixes into the snow leading to a disgusting mess behind you. Slush is the natural enemy of your floors, bringing in dirt and salt stains.

There are also issues that come with packing up your garage or shed. If your garage is attached, you might have fewer issues with the slush and dirt at first. However, that advantage goes out the window with a detached garage or shed. You will have to trudge directly outside to get any packing done.

Winter moving is uncomfortable. Even with helpful cold weather moving tips,  moving or relocating is hard. Well, there is a way to make moving this season easier!

Men on the Move Makes it Easier!

During these weather conditions, professional moves can do much of the work for you in the nasty weather. In fact, Men on the Move during the winter you might want to take advantage of Men on the Move’s professional packing services! Home, garage, basement or shed, we pack & move your belongings making winter moving feel like a warm summer breeze!

Since 1991, our professional staff has been moving households to their new homes. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, Men on the Move can help you. We are regularly offering moving specials to help you during one of the most stressful times of the year. One of these specials is our current Mid-Week Moving Winter Special!

Stay warm this winter by allowing Men on the Move to move you! Also, keep up with our regular specials by signing up for our mailing list.

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Emergency Movers

Emergency MoversIt is rather stressful to hire emergency movers. While most people have time to carefully plan out their moves, others are not so lucky. A sudden change in your life can cause you to scramble to find movers on short notice. These circumstances can leave people in a tight situation with very few options. However, what type of emergencies make having these movers necessary? Also, what options do you have during an emergency move?

Types of Emergencies

There is never a guarantee that things will run smoothly in life. However, there is a huge difference between a short notice move and same day-emergency move. So, what type of emergencies can make you have to pick up and move in a single day? First of all, a new job. While most jobs give people the courtesy of informing you about your new position ahead of time, other times they won’t. Maybe another location needs more staff. Alternatively, it could be sudden promotion but at a different location. Regardless, you can find yourself needing to move to a new city or state overnight.

However, emergencies are not always so convenient. Some people are suddenly found homeless due to the damage and destruction of their homes. As a result, these people need to find alternative living arrangements and move what is left of their belongings to a new location. For others, being served an eviction notice can put people in a precarious situation with little time to prepare. Likewise, you could find yourself having to move during a crisis. Some people have to move closer to family to help take care of fragile and frail family members. Others have to relocate to a safer area.

In times like these, having emergency movers become a necessity!

Emergency Movers at Men on the Move

It can be difficult to handle a short-notice move. Most people immediately push the panic button. After all, nothing is more stressful than moving. Regardless if your emergency move is joyous or unfortunate, an emergency move is more overwhelming and stressful than a regular move. But don’t press that panic button just yet. There are options to make sure your last-minute move goes smoothly. One of the best options to handle this type of move is to hire an emergency moving company. However, many local moving companies frown at short notice or emergency moves.

Fortunately,  Men on the Move is always there to help with your moving needs. Our company offers short notice, emergency moves for local, long-distance, and out-of-state circumstances. Since 1991, Men on the Move has been providing high-quality moving services for any situation. Our decades of experience make us the most trustworthy moving company in Michigan! Get in touch with Men on the Move today for your short-notice move or others moving needs.

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Best and Worst Time To Buy A House

Best and Worst Time To Buy A House

When is the best time to buy a house? When you ask people this question you are sure to receive a lot of different answers. In fact, the answers to questions you find here are sure to be different from some of the other answers you get from people.

So let’s take a look at some of the things that come into play when you want to buy a house. Most home buyers will need to finance their purchases. You will find that you have many different options with financing and a wide variety of possible lenders to deal with. To start out you will need to take a look at the interest rate. Not just the interest rate that is touted, but the annual percentage rate. Find the lowest one or at least find one that you feel comfortable with. Decide how long you want to finance your loan. Most people opt for the 30-year loan, but you may find that another option works best for you. Then get preapproved for your loan amount before you go house hunting.

When and How To Buy A House

Go house hunting. Are you looking for new construction as your home purchase? Do you prefer something that has some history behind it? Just remember that the home with lots of history behind it probably also has some of the worst problems overall to contend with. Most buyers will find a house that has had a previous owner or two that they fall in love with. Be sure to get a home inspection on the home you have your eyes and heart set on.

Make sure that you are not locked into a purchase if the house fails inspection. Reasons could include plumbing or electrical problems looming. The house may need a new roof immediately or very soon. Some things like roof problems and a few other things can be negotiated in the purchase price of the house. Just make sure to be aware of the things that need fixin’ and what the cost will be to take care of these things.

Unless you are a first-time home buyer you will need to sell the place you are living in now or you will need to make sure to properly end your lease agreement in adequate time so you don’t suddenly find yourself homeless. Even if you do everything right, there are still times when you might find yourself homeless for a while and living in your parent’s basement for a while. Try to make sure that you have all of the contingencies covered when you are buying a house.

Time Is A Factor

For some people, the time of year is a big factor for them when it is time to buy a house. The best time to buy a house and move is during the summer months. Spring and fall are alright with most buyers too. If you are in Michigan, you probably don’t want to buy a house and move during the winter when everything is covered in snow and it’s just downright cold outside. Even if you hire a professional moving company like Men on the Move to handle the moving of your belongings, you will still contend with the weather.

The worst times to buy a house are when interest rates are high. You don’t want to have to settle for just any old house when you go house hunting. In addition, you will prefer to shop when the for-sale inventory is pretty high. You want choices and you want to get the best possible deal on the house you buy.

Parents and friends are nice to have around. But do you really want to end up on their sofa? Even if it’s just a few days that somehow turn into weeks? Yep. Tie up those loose ends before you get into your deal and you will be much happier and so will mom and dad.

Movers For When You Buy A House

There is much more to the best and worst times to buy a house. By reading this page you have knowledge of just some of the good and bad that comes with buying and owning your home.

Finally, there is the question about packing up and making your move to your new home. How will you accomplish this feat? Do you think that a pizza and a couple of beers for your friend with the pickup truck are good enough? Would it be enough for you if you were in their situation? Yeah, that’s right. It is not enough to move by. You need a local and professional moving company for this part of buying a house.

Let Men on the Move be the professional movers you can count on. Take a good look at their site and learn a little bit about moving before you decide to undertake the task by yourself. They work year-round to move your stuff for you. Also, they deal better with weather conditions better than your friends will. They are fast and they are courteous. Finally, they will make your move fast and safe. If you like pizza during your move, these guys can also act as your friends and will be glad to share some pizza with you on moving day.

Moving To Southgate or Anywhere Downriver

Movers Downriver and Southgate Michigan

Moving to Southgate or anywhere downriver can be amazing. Downriver is the unofficial name for 18 cities and townships that are in Wayne County, south of Detroit, and located on the western coast of the Detroit River. So, what is so special about this area? Furthermore, why should you consider hiring Men on the Move?

Southgate and Other Downriver Cities and Townships

There are 18 cities and townships that fall into the Downriver area. These downriver communities include:

  • Allen Park
  • Brownstown Township
  • Ecorse
  • Flat Rock
  • Gibraltar
  • Grosse Ile Township
  • Huron Charter Township
  • Lincoln Park
  • Melvindale
  • River Rouge
  • Riverview
  • Rockwood
  • Romulus
  • Southgate
  • Taylor
  • Trenton
  • Woodhaven
  • Wyandotte

All of these locations are great places to move. Especially because there are many things to do in these areas. The Downriver area is known for the Detroit River International Wildlife Center. In addition, they have fishing, boating, and bird watching in the area. They’re also the Downriver Cruise, a large car show that is held yearly. This does not include all the local events in each township and city. Furthermore, there are amazing shops and locations like Hair Mechanix and more!

In addition, there are many shopping areas in Southgate, Woodhaven, and Taylor.  From Southland Mall to Downtown Wyandotte, there is always something to see or buy.

Moving with Men on the Move

For over 30 years, Men on the Move has been moving people in and out of the downriver area. Our professional are highly skilled and trained, treating your objects as if it was their own. Men on the Move is available 7 days of a week, rain or shine! Our company does local and long-distance within Michigan and to other areas. With affordable moving rates and senior discounts, Men on the Move is the most cost-effective company in the Metro Detroit Area. So, if you are moving to Southgate or anywhere downriver, contact Men on the Move today!

Looking To Move This Tax Season?

Looking To Move This Tax Season?

Tax Season Moves

Looking to move this tax season? Tax season is the most stressful yet rewarding time of the year. Every citizen has to file their taxes, however many of them get significant tax returns. Many people use tax returns for various things. Home improvement, personal expenses, and other things that people would want to spend money on. However, this is a great time to make investments. Particularly, a great time to put money towards a house.

Benefits of Owning a House

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the American dream is white picket fences. Owning your property is always a goal for people. Have your own space that you can design and make your own. Considering many tax returns can be significant, it can be a good start or the final piece of cash you need to get your starter home or your dream house.

Furthermore, owning a house can benefit you when tax season comes back around. Buying a house allows you to claim extra tax benefits by allowing new deductions for you. These deductions include:

  • Qualified Home Mortgage Interest
  • Point Paid on a Loan
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Private Mortgage Insurance

All of these deductions can increase your next tax return and help your invest in your new home.

While owning a home is nice, it isn’t always possible. That’s why you can allow use your tax return to find a better place. You can use your money on a new apartment, flat, condo, or trailer. Regardless of where you decide to move, you should rely on a professional moving company.

Services from Men on the Move

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life. So, people need a reliable moving company to make this burden lighter. Since 1991, Men on the Move has provided professional moving services, locally and long-distance. Whether you are moving into a new home or apartment, you can reduce your anxiety and worries with our professional movers. Unlike other companies, our mover treats your belongings like it was their own. So, looking to move this tax season? Hire Men on the Move!

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