The Holidays Are Around the Corner and WINTER IS COMING!

If you’re planning to move before the New Year and during the winter, now is the time to Get a Free Quote and Schedule Your Move!

The winter special is coming early to Men on the Move this year! With the holidays approaching, stress is rising for people needing to move during this season. That is why Men on the Move your premier professional mover, is offering a special NOW to help make your life easier and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Mid-Week Moving Winter Special

Men on the Move is offering a midweek special right now! If you schedule a move before March 1st, 2023 you will save $20 per hour and $10 off the travel fee when you schedule your move on Wednesday and Thursday! That means the offer will be valid through the difficult Holiday Season as well!

Are You Moving in November or December?

There are some significant obstacles with moving during November and December. The two biggies? Time and money. All your time right now is being taxed. If you have kids or grandkids then holidays as you know bring a lot of stress along with the joy of spending more time with your family. Money of course is usually in short supply more than usual. Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner the hassle of moving is no friend, but many don’t have the choice, so here we are.

Schedule Your Moving Date Now With Men on the Move

Honestly, moving during the holidays is more stressful than at other times. Weather-wise, there are more hazards like ice and snow to deal with as well. For us, it’s NO PROBLEM. While some movers are struggling to find personnel, we are good. Years of experience and a solid group of professional movers make us that way. SCHEDULE YOUR MOVE NOW and take advantage of our Mid-Week Moving Special!

Early Winter Moving Special

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