Time Table for Moving

Before you move you should make a helpful list of things to do and a timetable to prepare yourself for the move. These Tips can be helpful in making your move go smooth.

2 months before you start to move you should be going though your items and possessions and discarding / donating / saving for a garage sale the items that you don’t want to move or no longer have a use for. Preparing for a move is a good time to clean house. You should start looking for a moving company around this time.

1 month before you should start packing items, wrapping breakable items and properly storing and securing items. Be sure you label your boxes well during this phase, make sure you have what is in the box as well as what room in the house the item goes too. You need to select a moving company around this time and make arrangements with them. This is a good time to have a Garage Sale for the times you don’t want to move.

2 weeks prior to your move, you should have all but the essentials packed. Boxes should be labled and organized. You should call and confirm your moving date and anything else you might need for the move.

Moving day you need to be prepared for the movers to arrive and start moving you items, boxes should be organized in a way to allow the moves to get around from room to room. They know the best way to pack the truck so items might be loaded later in the move could be in their way if they are trying to carry out a large item.

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