Searching for the Best Moving Company

Searching for the Best Moving Company

Moving preparation is the basic requirement for a successful and smooth moving. And one of the basic steps to take as part of it is doing a thorough search for a mover. Simply reading about moving companies online or asking friends is not enough as you will see in this guide. It is meant to provide you with directions on how you can find the movers you can really rely on. Also, what requirements they need to follow. Make you’re moving efficiently by following the several steps here below.

Finding the Best Moving Companies

What can you do to make your search efficient and have the best results? Follow a few simple steps and they will help you on your way to finding the best moving company:

  1. First of all, begin by making a search for moving companies near you. That of course depends on whether you want a mover that is nearest you or your destination. That can be tricky. You should always get a moving quote to start the process. It is free to fill it in and after that, the movers will contact you.
  2.  Make sure they have a website by a reputable Internet provider. Today a lot of moving companies have websites so when you are searching online the result is a place where the majority of reputable moving companies are promoting their business. In addition, speak with them, see that the quote online matches what prices they will actually give you.
  3. Online is also the place to read reviews for moving companies. Some of them are fake but you will recognize for which moving company feedback is true: usually, an unreliable moving company will have only bad reviews, written by unhappy customers, or only good reviews written by the company that is fake. The best moving companies let their customers do the talking.
  4. Be careful when hiring a moving company: it has to be a real moving company and not a broker. What is the difference? A broker generally will hire a moving company to do your move and you won’t know which one it is until moving day. That may be quite an unpleasant surprise after all you’re trying to find the best moving company and expect to be dealing with them directly. A lot of people make this mistake so when contacting companies ask them if they are a mover or a moving broker.
  5. Your search should continue looking for the best moving companies by looking more thoroughly. One of which you expect to hire for moving. Search for their registration at the Department of Transportation – every moving company must have one. Here you can take a look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations.
  6. Check the licensing and insurance, too – it is on this page.
  7. And it is not a must but it will definitely narrow your search to a better company if you can also take a look if it is present in the Better Business Bureau where you will also be able to file a complaint if that’s the case. That will give you additional information, too. You can even give them a call and ask if the moving company has a complaint against it.
  8. It would really help if you could take a good look at your home and decide what’s to be moved. Then make a moving checklist – this is the basis of your moving and the main factor that will define your moving costs. You will need to have it in order to give it to the movers.
  9. You may even want to visit to the company’s office if they are a local mover – ask them about their work, since when does the company function, how long have their employees been in the moving industry, what training they have had so far and how often do they receive new training. In general, your goal is to establish if the moving company and its staff are well experienced in what they do. While you’re in there inquire about the services that the moving company offers and the prices for them. Different moving companies will have a different price list and different services. Usually, a mover will be able to take care of your packing, loading, unloading, and storage – if you need one.
  10. Ask to see the moving trucks – they should have the name of the moving company on them. Sometimes in summer in the peak moving season moving companies hire additional trucks if necessary. But this is more of an exception than a rule.
  11. If you don’t understand anything ask the moving company. Don’t sign any blank sheets and read everything before you sign it. Especially be careful if you see small prints. When conducting your search remember to ask anything you don’t understand related to the moving or the paperwork that the moving company presents you.

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Relocating to Plymouth, Michigan

Where do you start?

Many people searching for a vibrant or unique city to live in often find themselves relocating to Plymouth, MI. There are many reasons Plymouth is becoming home to new residents. Superior school systems, outstanding public safety, and low crime rates drive families to purchase their new home in Plymouth, Michigan.

If you have decided that you going to move to Plymouth, Michigan it is time to start preparing for your move. There are many things that need to be done when moving not only to Plymouth, but anywhere in Michigan. Some of those include:

  • Packing Belongings
  • Hiring a professional moving company that services Plymouth, MI
  • Enrolling children in their new school
  • Changing your address on your license and with the post office

Who can help you when relocating to Plymouth, MI?Herbert Bear - Self Portrait 1

Sometimes we have family or friends that are able to help with moving. Other times, there are cases where no help is available. Men on the Move is available to help with your move to Plymouth if needed. Our professional movers specialize in many areas including:

  • Short notice moves to Plymouth
  • Senior citizen moving
  • Long distance relocation
  • Single family relocation

Plymouth is a beautiful city, and our professional movers are ready to help make your move easy. If you plan on hiring a professional moving company, be sure do your research and hire a high quality, trusted moving company. Servicing Michigan residents for over 20 years, Men on the Move can ensure a satisfying hassle free move.

For more information on a local moving in Plymouth, MI contact our moving professionals today. We will help you schedule your move and help answer any questions you may have on preparing for your moving day. Contact us today! Metro Times Best of Detroit 2016




Packing Up Your Closet

Moving Your Closet

Tips for Moving Your Closet

Moving day is fast arriving. We all have odds and ends that we have to pack up when we move, but what can be more intimidating than the dreaded closet. This process used to be terrible and tedious, which is why we want to help. We’ve found tips and trick from around the web that will help you make your next move easy breezy.

First things first: The purge

Why make your move any harder than you have to? No sense in bringing clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Go through your closet, see what needs to be given away, and get rid of it. It will make your move easier, and help you make room in your new closet. (First, try selling these items you don’t want. This might give you some extra cash for your move.)

Things that are hung upPacking Up Your Closet

This is the worst one to deal with. Taking the clothes off the hangers, packing them up, then having to put them back on the hangers. in your new place? Not anymore! Take a large garbage bag and while your clothes are hanging uptake the bag and pull the bag up around the clothes and secure it at the hanger. There ya go!


We’ve seen some really good tips and tricks online, and this one takes the cake. Dressers drawers can be taken out and wrapped in movers plastic wraps. A little different, we know.
This is going to save you time and energy.

Tiny trinkets and decorations

We recommend wrapping these up nice and tight in similar boxes. You can use extra linens, sheets, and such to save space and keep your items safe.

Picking the right moving company:

Making sure the moving company you pick is as important as the move itself. Don’t waste your time with movers who don’t have experience. We here at men on the move can help! Click here for a free quote on your next move!

When everything’s said and done:

Clean your closet. Wash it down with a sponge and soapy water. These are the areas that seldom get cleaned enough. So take advantage of this.

Also, remember if you need a professional moving service, then let us help! Click here for a free quote on your next move

Business of Month for February in Westland

Men on the Move is proud to announce that we have been selected as Business of the Month Michigan Mover Gary Bulsonfor the month of February by State Representative Robert Kosowski. State Representative Kosowski is elect of District 16 (Westland). He said that our owner “Gary Bulson is well deserving of our monthly award and is always helping out the community.”

We are thrilled to receive this honor. Also, we will continue to put our best effort forward to serve Westland and our new community in Livonia. This also would not be possible without the help of the Men on the Move employees. Most of our employees have been around for years standing right by Gary Bulson serving the community.

Business of Month

Men on The Move will also like to thank the Westland Chamber of Commerce for congratulating Men on The Move on their Facebook page and sharing these kind words, ” Gary somehow finds time to serve on our Board of Directors, the Wayne/Westland Salvation Army Advisory board, is active with the Westland and Michigan Jaycees and a member of the Westland Rotary Club. A big guy with a big heart!!”

Thank you for your recognition Representative Robert Kosowski and we will look forward to serving the communities of Westland and Livonia for years to come. Finally, request a quote today and see why Men on the Move is the business of the month!

P.S. Men on the Move has finished moving to Livonia. Our new address is 12400 Merriman Rd. Livonia, Mi 48150. Come visit us!

Apartment Moving Checklist

When preparing to move out of an apartment in Michigan we recommend giving yourself 6-8 weeks. Giving yourself enough time will reduce stress levels that come with apartment moving, and ensure that everything is prepared for your first day in your new home. If you do not have that much time, its okay, use this information as a guide for apartment moving in Michigan.

6-8 Weeks Prior to Apartment Moving

Begin your apartment moving preparation by creating a moving journal where you will keep notes countdownor important information during your moving process. This is the time in which you will want to decide if you will be moving or hiring a professional moving company in Michigan. Plan your moving budget, if you are moving long distance, moving intrastate, or even moving interstate, and will be shipping items prior to moving, be sure to incorporate that into your Michigan moving budget.

Check with your apartment landlord to see how much notice is required before moving, also check with your new landlord to see any restrictions the complex may have on moving into a new apartment. Look into new school districts, begin the change of address process, and make a list of who you need to notify about your move.

Begin planning how you will arrange the furniture in your new home, this will help if you need to downsize prior to your move. Also, start gathering moving boxes or moving supplies.

4-5 Weeks Before Moving

Remember that moving companies typically charge based on weight and distance. Use your last 4-5 weeks prior to a Michigan Move to use some of your food, detergents, or other items that you routinely purchase from the store. If you have valuable items that you wish to not have on the moving truck, plan what you will be transporting or shipping. Begin packing your items and continue to make address changes if necessary.

2-3 Weeks Prior to Your Move

moving-guysContact your hired moving company to make sure they do not have restrictions on what they can move. Look over your lease and see what types of cleaning or maintenance you must do on your current apartment to ensure that you receive your security deposit back if applicable.

Call your utility companies and schedule a day to have your utilities transferred to your new residence. This will ensure that everything is livable the day of your move and ready for you the first night in your new home.

The Week of your Apartment Moving

Take time to confirm all scheduled appointments, meetings, or child care arrangements. Be sure to include a follow-up call to your moving company to ensure that there are no changes and everything is still on schedule.

Double check that everything around your apartment is ready for your move out inspection. Have a box of cleaning supplies handy in case you need to touch up or realize you missed something. Also, ensure that you keep a priority box out and accessible so that you have what you need for your first night in your new home.

Moving Day

If you have any last minute packing to do, do it. Be sure to do a walk-through of your apartment, turning off lights to rooms you have completed your walkthrough in. Also, turn off your thermostat and any appliances that need to stay in your apartment.

Before the moving truck leaves your apartment to ensure that they have your cell phone number and you have yours to keep contact in case something happens during transit.

When you arrive at your new home directly the movers in which room each box or item goes so that it is easier to unpack and set up your new home.

For more information be sure to check out our printable PDFs on moving tips for Michigan residents. Allow us to give you a quote for your residential apartment move in Michigan today.


Tips on Moving With Children

Moving can be a large project. Moving with children can add to your moving stress because your child’s entire routine is disrupted. Learn how to make this transition for your children as easy as possible by following the tips below.

The best way to prepare your child for an upcoming move is to communicate and keep them involved. Let them know that the family is relocating and that everything is going to be alright. Children trust parents and depend on them to keep them in a loop with what is going on. If you are unable to take the children with you while searching, show them photos of homes. This will keep them involved throughout the entire process.

Long Distance Moving With Children

If you are moving a ways from your current movinglocation, you may have to switch schools or doctors for your children as well. Speak with your child’s current pediatrician to see if they have any recommendations to help with the process. You will want to ensure that you have enrolled your child in their new school. Do this prior to the move so that they do not have to miss much school.

When you bring your children to the new house, it is best that you have their room set up. Your child will experience feelings of loss by moving into an unfamiliar environment. Having their room set up when they get there, will help your child to relax and feel comfortable in their new environment.

To help you and your child adjust to your new environment, give your child a tour of the neighborhood including their new school and doctor’s office. If you have not already, make sure to secure their new daycare as well.

The trusted movers at Men on The Move in Michigan are committed to helping you make your move as nonstressful as possible. To make your move easy, we offer free quotes and moving supplies. Hire Men on The Move for your next move, because we are licensed, insured, open 7 days a week, and offer long distance moves. So contact us today.

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