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Updated 2-5-2016

Here at Men on the Move, we can provide personalized and cost-effective moving service for any local move in the Metropolitan Detroit area including Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Troy, Wyandotte, and surrounding areas. Also, whether you are moving closer to your workplace or downtown for some fun be assured your move is in good hands with Men on the Move. When you move locally with Men on the Move, you will receive affordable moving services, with attention to detail. In addition, our goal is to be there on-time and provide you with great customer satisfaction.

Local Moving to Ann Arbor or Plymouth

When moving to or from Plymouth, Michigan, you will need to find movers in Plymouth, Michigan. At Men on the Move, we have been servicing the Plymouth and Ann Arbor. We serve these areas for over 25 years and we are very familiar with the area. Why bother with movers that have no idea where they are headed, when you can have experienced trustworthy movers of Men on the Move! Moving to Plymouth is a great idea, Plymouth is in the top five of Michigan’s healthiest housing market. There is never been a better time to move to Plymouth.

We based our pricing on an hourly rate and are licensed and insured. In many cases, we can provide you with same day or next day service if needed. Give us a call today at (734) 744-9547 or use one of easy to use quote forms to get a quote on your next move. Finally, the next time someone asks you “Who’s your mover?” just tell them I use Men on the Move.

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