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Search for a mover onlineMoving preparation is the basic requirement for a successful and smooth moving. And one of the basic steps to take as part of it is doing a thorough search for a mover. Simply reading about moving companies online or asking friends is not enough as you will see in this guide. It is meant to provide you with directions on how you can find the movers you can really rely on and what requirements they need to follow. Make your moving efficient by following the several step here below.

In Searching of the Best Mover

What can you do to make your search efficient and have the best results? Follow a few simple steps and they will help you on your way:

  1. First of all begin by making a search for moving companies near you. This means to click here where you will will find a cost estimate form. It is free to fill it in and after that movers will contact you.
  2. Speak with them, see what prices they will give you and then if you like an offer go to the internet website of the company. Today a lot of moving companies have websites so when you are searching online is the place where the majority of reputable moving companies are functioning.
  3. Online is also the place to read reviews for moving companies. Some of them are fake but you will recognize for which moving company feedback is true: usually an unreliable moving company will have only bad reviews, written by unhappy customers, or only good reviews written by the company that are fake.
  4. Be careful when hiring a moving company: it has to be a real moving company and not a broker. What is the difference? A broker generally will hire a moving company to do your move and you won’t know which one it is until moving day. That may be quite an unpleasant surprise after all as in this way you have no control on the choice of a mover. A lot of people make this mistake so when contacting companies ask them if they are a mover or a moving broker.
  5. Your search should continue with checking more thoroughly the moving companies which you find potentially appropriate for making your moving. Search for their registration at the Department of Transportation – every moving company must have one. Here you can take a look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations.
  6. Check the licensing and insurance, too – it is on this page.
  7. And it is not a must but it will definitely narrow your search to a better company if you also take a look if it is present in the Better Business Bureau where you will also be able to file a complaint if that’s the case. That will give you additional information, too. You can even give them a call and ask if the moving company has complaint against it.
  8. It would really help if you could take a good look at your home and decide what’s to be moved. Then make a moving checklist – this is the basis of your moving and the main factor that will define your moving costs. You will need to have it in order to give it to the movers.
  9. Continue your search by paying a visit to the company’s office – ask them about their work, since when does the company function, how long have their employees been in the moving industry, what training they have had so far and how often do they receive new training. In general your goal is to establish if the moving company and its staff are well experienced in what they do. While you’re in there inquire about the services that the moving company offers and the prices for them. Different moving companies will have a different price list and different services. Usually a mover will be able to take care of your packing, loading, unloading and storage – if you need one.
  10. Ask to see the moving trucks – they should have the name of the moving company on. Sometimes in summer in the peak moving season moving companies hire additional trucks if necessary but this is more of an exception than a rule.
  11. If you don’t understand anything ask the moving company. Don’t sign any blank sheets and read everything before you sign it. Especially be careful if you see small prints. When conducting your search remember to ask anything you don’t understand related to the moving or the paperwork that the moving company presents you.
  12. If things have somehow not worked out for you you can send us your moving story and also leave a review at the biggest user generated moving database so far – in order to let everyone know about your experience and that people should avoid that moving company.

Have these tips been helpful for you to find a moving company for your move? Is there more that you want to know about? Tell us in the comments below so we can really be helpful!

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