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Moving to or from Orion Township
Orion Township of Michigan is a beautiful area to raise a family. Surrounded wooded areas, lakes, and parks Orion Township is somewhat of a get away from the heavy city life. Also, prices of homes vary in range, from $402,206 to a $49,900 fixer upper. In addition to parks and woods, there are many great outdoor activities available there.

Orion Township Your Home For An Active Lifestyle

As we discussed, Orion Charter Township is a great place for anyone with an active lifestyle. There are a lot of outdoor activities available to all residents such as hiking, jogging, dog parks, sports and state parks. Also, the public school’s rate very well with an A average rating from the state.  The community also provides many events throughout the year such as the Dragon on the Lake, Fireworks, Lions Jubilee and more.

Really the only downside of living here is the commute to Detroit can be a little troublesome at times. Especially with construction up and down I-75. Another perk of living in Orion is there is low crime rate. The Township is patrolled by the Oakland County Sheriffs. Recent housing developments have increased the number of beautiful homes in Orion, even more reason to move today.

Of course, when searching for a mover to help you move to Orion. Your first choice should be Men on the Move. Men on the Move have been moving people from and to Orion Township for decades. Our professional movers are very experienced with the city and can have you moved in quickly. When you hire Men on the Move rest assured that you are hiring one of the most awarded moving companies in the state. From Angie’s List to Metro Times, we have been awarded for our excellent customer service.

You do not want to hire some fly by night moving company that may damage or break your belongings. Hire the professional and insured moving company that always gets the job done right, that is Men on the Move.  Give us a call today at 1-248-354-2525 for Oakland County and see what Men on the Move can do for you!

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