Finding a legitimate moving company

Finding a legitimate moving company can be quite a challenge, so we’ve put together some ways to make this feat easier to achieve.  The Internet can be a great tool to find a trustworthy moving company, but you have to know what you are doing, otherwise you may fall prey to a moving scam.  Keep these ideas in mind when looking for some reputable movers.

1. Look for a land line.  A legitimate moving company should have a dedicated land line at their office home base.  While it is perfectly fine for the drivers to have cell phones available to you, the company itself should have a land line.
2. Check for a fixed address.  Of course, you can run a business anywhere, but a good moving company should have an address registered with governmental agencies.  If you cannot get their physical and mailing address, keep moving.
3. Look out for the website.  In today’s day and age, a business should have a well designed and organized website.  Although some companies may not have a big web presence, they should have at least a website.  If there is a website, check its credentials.
4. Is the company involved in the community?  A trustworthy moving company should be proud of the areas they serve.  So, check and see if they donate to local charities or participate in local activities.  This way, you’ll also get a feel for what the company’s ethics are.
5. Check the press.  Look in the local news and rip off reports online to see if there has been any bad press about the company.  If you see a lot of negative news, you may want to move on.

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