Essentials Items For New Homeowners

Congratulations on becoming a homeowner! Now that you own your own home, you need to supply yourself with the proper tools to and items to maintain and live in your home. We want your first foray into home ownership to be a success. You’ll need these essential items for your new home.

Tips for a new Homeowner

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Things That Every Homeowner Should Own

Fire extinguisher – One of the first things you’ll need for your new home is a fire extinguisher. You want to be prepared for any situation you may encounter in your new home, fire being a big one. Make sure you have one per floor and make sure they are easily accessible

Tarp– You’d be surprised how handy a tarp will be at your new home. Whether you’re painting, doing yard work, or going camping a tarp is very handy to have around. They’ll last forever  

Toolkit- If you haven’t already started accumulating tools and other DIY items now is the time to start. Hammer, screwdrivers, tape measure, and

-Power drill

-Stud finder (very hand for hanging photos and TVs)

-Table Saw

Ladder– Never thought you’d need this while you were renting an apartment, but when you own a house it’s essential. A ladder will come in handy when changing light bulbs, hanging photos, and hanging decorations, and so much more.

Emergency kit – This includes things like a first aid kit, headlamp,  flashlight, matches, candles etc. This should be your go-to kit when something happens. Electricity goes out, people get hurt, and things happen so be prepared. Here is a great resource for putting together a kit

So these are some of the basics, and we’re sure you’ll think of more as you move into your new place. Just remember if you need a local mover who can help make your big move happen quickly and efficiently Men on the Move is available for hire!

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