Packing and Preparing For Your Move

Packing and Preparing For Your Move

Moving to a new home can be both an exciting time and a nerve racking time. When packing and preparing for your move there are some tips you should consider trying to help make the whole process as easy as possible. First of all, one of the best tips we can give you is to hire a professional, insured moving company such as Men on the Move. With reasonable rates and top notch customer service, Men on the Move is the best choice when it comes to moving companies in Michigan.

Now that you have hired a great moving company, and your date is set you should consider cleaning out what you do not need. The great purge of unwanted stuff, throwing away and selling unwanted items can help you keep your move easy and organized. We have a great article on that very topic here, which will give you pointers on how to remove some of the clutter from your life.

The First Steps In Packing and Preparing For Your Move

One thing often over looked on a long moving day is just how exhausted you can become. The movers have dropped off all your items it near the end of the day and you just want to rest and go to bed, but you can not find your essentials. By packing an overnight bag with all your essential and keeping it with you in your car can solve this problem. Having that bag after a long hard day helps prevent you from having to dig through multiple boxes.

Another way to quickly see where your items are is to pack your belongings in clear plastic bins. This makes seeing what the contents are quick and easy. Did you run out of bubble wrap or packing supplies? Men on the Move has all the supplies you need, but if you still need to wrap breakables, you can use clothes to save on bubble wrap. If you have a lot of open toiletries, you can place saran wrap over the top then screw the cap on to prevent leaks.

Storing plates vertically, like a record, can help prevent breaks. Also using Press n’ Seal over dresser drawers helps to keep everything in place. These are some great tips to help your next move go as smooth as possible. Of course, the best route after you have your items packed is to let the professional movers at Men on the Move move you to your new home. With reasonable rates and outstanding service you will be glad you did, request your quote today!


Tips For Packing Clothing

So, you are preparing for your upcoming move with Men on the Move, and you have almost everything packed and ready to go…..except your clothes. As you look at your neatly folded drawers or your closet that you have spent so much time color coordinating and organizing, you begin to get overwhelmed. “I wish I didn’t have to re-fold all of these clothes and put them into boxes only to have to reorganize them after the move”, you tell yourself.

We have some handy Packing Clothing tips to save you time and the hassle!

Clothing in Drawers

Before you start emptying your drawers like a mad man dumping each drawer onto your bed only to have to refold them and put them in boxes, head to your kitchen. Find your clear plastic wrap (you may have to buy more, but it’s worth it!) and head back to your drawers. Starting at side of the drawer tape the end of the plastic wrap down. Pull the plastic wrap to the other side, tear it, and tape again. You can also go all way around the drawer, which will be much quicker but will also use nearly twice as much plastic wrap. The choice is yours.

Be sure to repeat the process multiple times, covering your drawers tightly, preventing your clothing from getting dirty or falling out. The more times you repeat the step the stronger the covering will be. We recommend buying a large restaurant size roll of plastic wrap to reduce waste and having to keep opening small rolls.

This process will also work on more than just drawers with clothing, you can use this handy packing tip for silverware, desk drawers, junk drawers, and much much more.

Hanging ClothingPacking Clothing

You huge master bedroom walk-in closet is full of clothes, right? Maybe you have spent tons of time color coordinating and getting it just right. Let it be known that there is a way to pack your hanging clothes without taking even one item off of a hanger

Head to your kitchen once again and grab the box of drawstring kitchen garbage bags then head back to your closet. Take about ten hanging clothing items  (possibly more if they fit) and squish them together really really tight. Use your garbage bags to slide over the bottom of the squished together clothing and pull the drawstring tight. The hangers hooks should still be outside of the garbage bags.

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Downsizing Your Home

Now that the kids have begun moving back to college and some have even moved out for good, you may be thinking about downsizing your home.Why do you need all the extra space for just you or you and your spouse? Downsizing your Michigan home may relieve financial struggle as well as decrease maintenance in or around your home. Downsizing Your Home

So, how do you start preparing yourself to downsize? What are you going to do with all of your stuff? The one thing we always tell clients who are looking to downsize is before you move, pretend that everything you own, has disappeared. Imagine standing in your new, smaller home, apartment, or condo and making a list of what needs to be replaced.

Downsizing Your Home Tips

As you go down that list, put a neon sticky not on the items. So, your list may start with a bed, your appliances if needed, a couch, TV, table, and so on. It is always a good idea to know the measurements of your new place and your current furniture so you know if it will fit just right.

With all of the items that you have not marked, get rid of them. Of course, you may want to keep some small decor items, but keep it simple. Sell, donate, or throw away what you have not marked. Many people will try to move items that they haven’t marked as a necessity to try and get rid of them later. Try to do this step before you move, not only will it reduce your moving cost, but 9/10 times an item enters your new home you will “find a spot for it” even though it is not needed.

Parting with your belongings is hard. Many people carry items that have sentimental value, or other items they just can’t seem to let go. Find a climate controlled storage facility where you can store the items so they do not have to enter your home. Downsizing can be a challenge especially if you are coming from a very large home.

Finally, contact Men on the Move today for more tips, or to get a free residential moving quote today!

Last Minute Moving

It’s always a great idea to plan your move well in advance. Usually, planning two to three months ahead of time is a good time span to get all of your belongings sorted out. Although Men on the Move recommends you to plan ahead, sometimes people don’t have time and have to move last minute. Regardless, we are here to help you.

Last MInute Moving Advice

Last minute moving can be a pain and can feel like you’re being rushed but with these tips, we can make your quick move seem like it was planned:

  1. Throw away the unnecessary junk. Getting rid of the items that you don’t need is essential when doing your last minute move because it helps you in the long run. Instead of just packing up everything and moving, sorting and throwing away or donating the things that you no longer want makes your move easier. The fewer items you have to pack, the less stress you’ll have whenLast Minute Moving moving. Moving takes time and energy and by having everything already sorted out or thrown away prior to moving to another location, it will make your move even smoother.
  1. Make piles. Sorting your belongings into three piles (to keep, to throw away, and to donate) can be very beneficial during your last minute move. If you haven’t used, worn, or played with it in over a year, throwing it out or giving it away would be your best bet. Moving last minute doesn’t have to just involve you; your family and friends can get involved too to help your move go by faster.
  1. Start packing. Men on the Move suggests using boxes when packing. Used or new boxes, the choice is yours. Make sure you properly wrap things such as mirrors, lamps, and glass with bubble wrap for safety reasons. Fragile objects like that will need to be carried more carefully than things such as clothes and shoes. Once everything is packed away, look around your old home to make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Check out our tips on properly packing your boxes for some helpful advice!

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Properly Packing Fragile Items When Moving

When moving from point A to point B, we know that the task of packing boxes can be long, strenuous and downright annoying! But, unfortunately it is the most important part of moving if you want all of your belongings to arrive in one piece! With all of the hassles of preparing yourself for a move, packing your stuff up the right way can get lost in the shuffle of things to focus on during the move. But don’t let it; it’s too important!

If you choose to pack your household items yourself, let us give you a some tips on how to properly pack your belongings and protect your glassware when moving. You’ll thank us later!

  • Wrapping – Don’t let the kids pop all that packing-2-1117483-mbubble wrap, you’re going to need some! Make sure that all of your fragile belongings are wrapped tightly in at least 2-3 layers of bubble wrap or newspaper so that it can withstand any bumps during the trip. Anything from glassware, ceramics, figurines, or other delicate objects need to be wrapped. If not, you may find a very unpleasant surprise when opening your boxes at your new home.
  • Boxing – It may not seem like a big thing, but using durable boxes of the right size plays a huge role in the packing process. The first thing to do is to avoid flimsy boxes at all costs. A sturdy box that provides two inches of space around your items is important to protect against spillage and breakage. And of course eliminate the disaster of having the bottom of your box magically open up! Once you have the right box, be sure to fill it with crumpled up newspaper and/or packing peanuts so that the glassware and fragile items placed into the box don’t shift around at all. Do not pack the box with too much weight. When it comes to pounds, ten is the magic number. If you pack any more weight into a box it can become too heavy to move, and naturally you’ll want to stack other boxes on top of those heavy ones, which can be dangerous if that box contains dishes or chinaware. The double-boxing method is also something to think about. Double-layered walls will protect against damage and can be a safe way to transport expensive or fragile items. Once everything is packed, be sure to seal the top and bottom openings of the box with packing tape.
  • Placing – Positioning your items on to the center of the packing peanuts is a good way to ensure that they absorb all the cushioning necessary to keep safe. You’ll want to stuff that box full of newspaper and peanuts to prevent your items from shifting and possible breaking. Not sure if you’ve done a good enough job? Do the shake test! If anything is wiggling around in there, make sure the contents are completely locked in by the peanuts or paper by the time you the seal the box and send it on its way.

If you are in need of packing supplies, be sure to check out our recently reduced pricing on boxes and packing supplies. Also don’t forget to inquire with our representative about free delivery on all boxes and supplies.

If you have any more questions contact Men on the Move and one of our moving experts can lend you a hand. If you’re looking for a moving quote, how does a free one sound? We provide free quotes for residential and commercial moves! Happy trails and have a safe pack!