Moving For College Students- Oakland or Detroit

Summer vacation means a lot of changes are upcoming if you’re a college student. Unless you have summer classes scheduled, it means you are going to be planning a move to Oakland or Detroit MI. You are not going to want to sit around in your dorm room when you’re not even enrolled in classes! Or, if you’re on the verge of graduation this spring, you’re going to be relocating soon as well. So if the time is near for you to move out, then the time is now to hire a moving company. Hire Men on the Move in Detroit or Oakland, MI, because we move college students!

Moving For College Students

It doesn’t really matter to us if you secured a great job out of school and are now moving to a big house in Wayne or Oakland County, Michigan, or if you’re moving back to Mom and Dad’s house until the fall semester starts. We at Men on the Move are the ones to turn to take care of any worries you might have had about packing up all your belongings and moving them yourself!

When you hire a local moving company in Oakland or Detroit, MI, you’re doing it because you want convenience. You also want trustworthy professionals handling your items. You may not have entered your dorm or apartment with many things, but maybe you’ve really added to your furniture and electronics since you moved in! Now you have heavy items that need moving like:

  • Televisions
  • Couches
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Study Desks
  • Lamps

Options For Moving To College

When moving for college, we have the means to move your items with care. Which means storing them in the appropriate boxes that fit each item’s unique shape. So nothing gets damaged or broken along the way! Trust us, once you get a free moving quote from us, you’ll be happy you didn’t attack the move by yourself.

College students in Oakland, MI will be moving from Oakland University back to their homes. Also, the same goes for students looking to hire a high-quality Michigan moving company in Detroit. When you do, you don’t want to have to make more than one trip, do you? Not everyone’s car is big enough to store all their belongings in one trip. So save the gas mileage and the possible backaches by hiring the dorm room or apartment Michigan movers in the Metro Detroit area!

If you thought at first that you might have been able to handle the move on your own, but came to your senses, don’t hesitate to talk to us today and we’ll get you a fast, easy quote! Even if it’s finals day and you need to be out of your dorm room within days, we are great with short notice or emergency moves in Detroit or Oakland, Michigan! There is no job our professional MI movers can’t handle. Give us a call and let’s plan your move before the summer! Finally, moving for college can be stressful, let Men on the Move help you!

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