Prepare Your Move To Birmingham, Berkley, or Beverly Hills

When it comes to relocating, many Michigan residents are downsizing, while others are ready to upgrade to a larger home. If you are looking to upgrade to a larger home in a community that offers upscale living, choosing moving companies to Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Berkley may be perfect for you! Each city offers low crime rates, superior school systems, and beautiful homes, one of which may soon be yours!

Are you ready to move to Birmingham, Berkley, or Bloomfield Hillsmoving to Birmingham apartment?

Have you already purchased your dream home in Berkley, Bloomfield Hills, or Birmingham, MI? If so, it is time to consider hiring a professional moving company. Wouldn’t you want to hire a company with experience in moving families into upscale homes? Men on the Move has been helping residents who are moving to Birmingham, Berkley, or Bloomfield Hills for over 20 years. Check out some of our customer’s testimonials here.

Knowing that your belongings are in good hands during transport will help eliminate some of the stress that naturally comes along with moving. Whether you are short on time, or not physically able to handle moving your things on your own, we’ve got you covered. Affordable moving to Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills or Berkley is available for families and seniors looking to hire a moving company. as well.

Avoid moving scams in upscale locations!

When moving to upscale cities there are many moving scammers who will try and get over on you. They often target those moving to nice homes as they assume you have nice things and a lot of money. Although this may not always be the case, they don’t know that. There are many red flags to look for when hiring cheap moving companies in Bloomfield Hills, Berkley or Birmingham to ensure that you do not become a victim. Check out some of our moving tips or tips for avoiding moving scams in Michigan.

As a professional mover for over 25 years, we deliver at a fair price and with great service!



Downsizing Your Home

Now that they kids have begun moving back to college and some have even moved out for good, you may be thinking about downsizing your home.Why do you need all the extra space for just you or you and your spouse? Downsizing your Michigan home may relieve financial struggle as well as decrease maintenance in or around your home. downsizing-home

So, how do you start preparing yourself to downsize? What are you going to do with all of your stuff? The one thing we always tell clients who are looking to downsize, is before you move, pretend that everything you own, has disappeared. Imagine standing in your new, smaller home, apartment, or condo and making a list of what needs to be replaced.

As you go down that list, put a neon sticky not on the items. So, your list may start with a bed, your appliances if needed, a couch, TV, table, and so on. It is always a good idea to know the measurements of your new place and your current furniture so you know if it will fit just right.

With all of the items that you have not marked, get rid of them. Of course you may want to keep some small decor items, but keep it simple. Sell, donate, or throw away what you have not marked. Many people will try to move items that they haven’t marked as a necessity to try and get rid of them later. Try to do this step before you move, not only will it reduce your moving cost, but 9/10 times an item enters your new home you will “find a spot for it” even though it is not needed.

Parting with your belongings is hard. Many people carry items that have sentimental value, or other items they just cant seem to let go. Find a climate controlled storage facility where you can store the items so they do not have to enter your home. Downsizing can be a challenge especially if you are coming from a very large home.

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Helpful Resources for Choosing A Moving Company

Day after day we speak with Michigan residents who are on the edge about hiring a professional moving company to move their belongings from point A to point B. At Men on the Move we understand your concerns, and are happy to answer any questions you may have to ease your mindmoving-checklist, and help you select a trustworthy moving company in Michigan.

There are many resources available for residents looking to hire a professional moving company. Take time to look over a company’s social media, read reviews, and make sure you are 100% with your decision. If there is any doubt in your mind about a company, chances are something triggered a red flag.

Here at Men on the Move, our goal is to provide you with high quality, professional move, while ensuring you are confident with your decision to choose us for your move.

Here are some helpful resources to ease your mind from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

Protecting yourself from moving fraud

Red flags for rogue movers

Have You Seen Michigan Movers Lately??

We are moving all over Southeast Michigan! And our customers, friends, and hopefully soon to be customers are seeing us! We have been doing a contest the past couple weeks; find us, take a picture and tag us on Facebook  each week to be entered for a $50.00 gas card! Moving people all over Michigan and to other states has been a great advantage for all of us!

Update Contest Has Ended.

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Our last winner for taking a picture of our moving trucks is from South Lyon Michigan, though she saw our truck moving in Westland. We want to thank Sandy from South Lyon and the great city’s near her like New Hudson. We have been moving people all around the area of our Great Lakes. Last week we were in Commerce Twp. Michigan moving a customer to New Hudson (Lyon Twp). When you don’t live or work in the not so far cities that surround you here in Michigan you don’t always realize what this great state has to offer. While we were in New Hudson our customers were telling us how great their realtor was and what they are excited for around their new home. Just a bit away from the city with lots of trees and golf greens, that’s what they are looking forward to.

Whether you like city life like Royal Oak, Ann Arbor, Downtown Detroit, or prefer small towns like Milford, Commerce, South Lyon or Plymouth Michigan. We are moving customers all over, customers are finding us, snapping pictures, and we are enjoying the ride! If you have any questions about where, how or what your moving CALL MEN ON THE MOVE TODAY at (734) 744-9547 or get a free quote!!! We will make this the easiest, safe and great experience move you’ve ever had!

Going to where people are moving, Royal Oak Michigan!

Our movers are going to where the people are moving, and Royal Oak, MI seems to be the place to move recently! Upon moving many customers from other cities in Southeast Michigan like; Livonia, Dearborn, and Ann Arbor to the city of Royal Oak, we decided to see what all the hype was about.

Downtown Royal Oak has more to offer than the average downtown it has over 5 miles of downtown to walk around. Over 70 restaurants like; Andiamo, Bostone Brewery and Red Fox English Pub with an outside patio and fireplaces to enjoy.downtown_RO

Along with amazing restaurants, our movers have told us people are moving there for much more; They enjoy Royal Oak’s great meeting places like Goldfish Tea or some wide branded coffee places like Starbucks and Caribou coffee or for some frozen yogurt at Sweet Earth. There’s not much to miss in this city; Brewery’s, Clubs and Bars, Comedy Clubs, Theatres, Study spots, Parks, Pet friendly patios, stores and much more.

We have been moving singles and families to this area, featuring over 85 boutiques, salons, and retail shops, the downtown never ends. Not to mention the fun concerts, festivals, and events the Downtown Royal Oak holds.

When moving into the neighborhoods in the City of Royal Oak, home buyers or renters look at many other aspects the city has to offer. It is extremely pet-friendly, with 50 parks for the community to enjoy. It is conveniently located around many freeways; the population shows a very diverse mix of people, age groups, incomes and homes that attract all types of home buyers.

With all these amenities people that are already living in Royal Oak don’t want to move out of it, but maybe their lease is over or they want to move closer to a downtown loft or farther for more of a neighborhood feel and bigger house to accommodate them. But all are still close enough to walk downtown. We move it all even if you’re in the city and want to move to another location in the city. We are experienced with people moving within cities or from very large cities and very small hometowns to popular downtown areas like Royal Oak. Please contact us and see how we can help you during your move to a downtown area like this!

Easily Move In/Out of West Bloomfield, MI

Moving out of West Bloomfield, MI can definitely be a hassle, especially if you are attempting to do it alone. From packing boxes, to loading the truck, emptying the truck, and unpacking boxes, moving is not a job for just one! Many will attempt to perform a move by thierselves, most of which end up stressed, over worked, and all around tired. Let the professional staff of Men On The Move move you in or out of your home in West Bloomfiend or other surrounding Michigan areas.

It’s your choice, you can kick your feet up in the front yard drinking a glass of lemonade as you boxeswatch your belongings being loaded onto the truck, or you follow behind our movers as they load each box. Whichever sounds best for you, Michigan Movers will provide you with the highest quality customer service during your move to or from West Bloomfield, Michigan. Men On The Move guarentees that you will recieve the best moving service in the Metro Detroit area.

For more information on moving in West Bloomfield, Michgian contact Michigan Movers today. Or fill out our online quote form and estimate your moving costs today!