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The December Giveaway is on the way! This December, we will be giving away a $25 Happy Dining Gift Card! This Happy Dining Gift Card can be used at these select businesses!

  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Red Lobster
  • Cracker Barrel
  • McCormick & Schmick’s
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • P.F. Chang’s

So, enter our contest today and win this amazing prize!

Monthly Giveaway

One lucky winner will be drawn each month. The winner will have the card mailed directly to the address given.

The November 2021 Winner 
B. Plant
The September 2021 Winner
L. Chandler
The August 2021 Winner
The July 2021 Winner
T. Colvard

The June 2021 Winner
M. Spiridon

The May 2021 Winner
D. Diederich

The April 2021 Winner

D. Perlin

The March 2021 Winner

M. Monseur

The October 2020 Winner

D. Roggenbuck

The September 2020 Winner

R. Kalita

The August 2020 Winner

B. Jone

The July 2020 Winner

S. McCormick

The June 2020 Winner

L. Bourlier

The May 2020 Winners:

DJ Campbell and L. Mendez

The March 2020 Giveaway Winner:

M. Smiley

The April 2020 Giveaway Winner:

A. Rowe

The December 2019 Giveaway Winner:

L. Gichenhorn

The November 2019 Giveaway Winner:

M. Monseur

The October 2019 Giveaway Winner:

J. Bushey

The September 2019 Giveaway Winners:

C. Montgomery and G. Taylor

The August 2019 Giveaway Winner:

L. Mendez

The July 2019 Giveaway Winner:

R. Kalita

The June 2019 Giveaway Winner:

M. Montgomery

The May 2019 Del Taco Giveaway Winners:

R. Munteanu and M. Neu

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