Furniture Moving And Furniture Movers In Farmington Hills

Furniture Moving And Furniture Movers In Farmington Hills

Furniture moving is always a headache no matter which way you look at it. Big heavy couches or love seats can be tricky moving out of a narrow doorway or down flights of stairs. Also, loading them into a truck can present challenges as well. Hiring professional furniture movers in the Farmington Hills area can also be a little tricky.  That is where the professionals at Men on the Move come in.

Furniture Moving Help From Men on the Move

When you purchase new furniture and you would like to store your old furniture for a family member there are options. First, you have to decide where you are going to store the furniture. Why not at Men on the Move! They have storage areas for all your furniture at great prices. Of course, you can move the furniture directly to a friend’s house in Farmington Hills or other cities.  But you do not want to be a burden on your friends.

After you decide where to store your furniture, it is time to move it. Again you can beg friends to come to help you or just try and do ti your self. Why bother with that back-breaking labor, just hire Men on the Move. The whole process is really simple. Contact Men on the Move, they will send you a quote once agreed upon, they do the rest. A piece of cake! It does no matter if you live on a third-floor apartment downtown, Men on the Move can handle it.

Furniture Movers

“Professional furniture movers like Men on the Move make your move easier!”

To recap, if you have big heavy furniture that you personally do not want to move you should hire Men on the Move. We will take all the trouble out of moving furniture for you. Finally, give us a call today at 734-744-9547 or if in Ann Arbor call 734-913-9966.  We are an insured and licensed mover here to help you!

How to Manage Temporary Residential Moves Between Your Old and New Home

If you’ve ever experienced the stress that is involved with temporary residential moves you know stress. Managing your life while closing on a home or waiting for your apartment to be ready certainly qualifies. Even though your home isn’t ready for you to move into, you have options. We’ll walk you through your options and even give you a few tips.

Temporary residential moves

Managing your life in between homes can be done! It just takes planning.

If You’re A Renter…

See If Your Landlord Will Give an Extension

See if your landlord can work with you with the move out date. Explain the situation and they may be willing to work with you. In some major cities, this is harder to do, and your landlord may prorate the days you stay longer.

For storage ask the new landlord if you could store stuff at your new place while they get it ready. Some times they are willing to do that.  Be wary, however, sometimes there isn’t a way for things to stay safe and your items could get damaged. Local moving and storage companies are great because not only will they store your items, but they’ll also move them when you are ready.

Dorm and College Moving
Moving from the dorms back home or to your first apartment? You can make it easy with dorm room moving companies like Men on the Move. We help college moves all the time and can assist with yours!

Temporary Storage

The biggest thing you’ll have to account for is where to put your stuff. You need a secure place that will keep your personal items safe and secure. Yes you could ask your friends, but no one wants to put people out like that for long periods of time. If you’re waiting for your home to open up, and think it may be a while, you should look into temporary secure storage spaces.

If you need a company that can house your stuff temporarily, we here at Men on the Move can help. See our secure storage page for details.

Temporary Housing

You yourself will need a place to rest your head. There are a few options for you depending on the time frame of which you’ll need to. For short term displacement, family or with a friend is probably the safest and easiest. Be wary of looking on Craig’s list or random posts. Extended stays at hotels can be an option, many offer discounts if not in travel or business  centers. There are temporary spaces to rent, such as short term leases and single month leasing. You’ll have to do some research and price compare to see what your best option is.

Living With The Basics

If you are moving your stuff to a storage container, we recommend thinking carefully about packing. Put non-essential items in the back, and items you’re more likely to use in the front. Boxes you would want to consider keeping closer to the front: Office items, any kitchen items you can’t live with out (coffee maker we’re looking at you), and clothes that you may need. 

Pack an “essentials” Bag and Box

Make sure you leave one box (a personal bag) filled with items you will use on a regular basis. Much like a “vacation bag” pack like you’ll be gone on vacation. Clothes and toiletries you’ll need and any items you’ll want on a regular basis, make sure they are accessible. We highly recommend having an entertainment bag, a personal bag, and an odds and ends bag (for kitchen items you can’t live with out and other odds and ends that you’ll need). 

For all your moving needs, choose Men on the Move to assist. We can help you with packing supplies, short term moves, temporary storage!


Cleaning For Your Move

“The Great Purge”

Cleaning For Your Move

Nothing can be better for your move and soul than a complete cleaning/ house purge. Getting rid of the clutter will not only help your move, but also help you reduce the amount of junk in your life.

We’ve compiled a list that will help guide you through “The great purge”.

Let’s start with your closet:

“If you haven’t worn it in over a year, toss it.”

The easiest way to determine if you’ve worn it recently? Look to the back of your closet or the bottom of your drawer. Go to the areas of your organizing system where clothes go to die, this is where you can start. Granted there needs to be some seasonal considerations, but you need to get rid of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you don’t like or don’t wear any more. They take up more space than you think.

Some people like the “three boxes” technique where you have a “Keep it” box, a “Toss it” box, and a “Maybe” box. This technique helps so you can see where your true feelings lie on your sweater vest collection or your cat shirt entourage.

The Kitchen:

This is the second area of the house with the most stuff you probably don’t need. Extra sets of silverware, extra appliances, and glassware you never use. Go through and take an honest look at your kitchen/ life and see what you can get rid of. Do you really need/use that juicer or espresso machine? We didn’t think so. Get rid of them.
Bathroom Brigade:

Ahh yes the bathroom and all the accessories that come with it. Over the years you collect things that you just don’t really need. Extra Make-up pallets, extra razors and shaving guards, and extra bottles of sample shampoos from hotels… PURGE THIS. Get rid of all these extra things you don’t use. Trust us.

Things To Consider When Cleaning For Your Move

Other things that we tend to compile that we shouldn’t:

  • Electronics (Technology progresses and so should you. Get rid of your old floppy drive reader and update to the cloud… your moving bill will thank you)
  • Weird Nic-Naks (Yes it was cute to get a collection of mice figurines for christmas, but seriously you don’t want people to judge you for your poor life choices)
  • Furnature we should get rid of, but for some reason we don’t (Yes the leather chair is nice, but the years have taken its toll on it, upgrade your life)
  • Holiday Decorations (I do advocate for being festive during the holidays, but if your mile long christmas lights don’t work, toss them)
  • Movie collections (VHS technology is dead, so stop trying to pretend like it isn’t, get rid of them and buy the blu rays)
  • New Projects and Hobbies that didn’t work out (If you haven’t made a scrapbook in years, toss it. You will never pick it back up. Don’t kid yourself)

Clean like your gonna have a garage sale, and then actually have one.

Having a garage sale will not only help you get rid of a bunch of stuff you don’t need, it will also give you a little bit of extra cash in your pocket for the move. Its a win/win, yes you will have to do math on a Saturday, and yes you will have to interact with the dreaded “Garage sale crowd”, but it’ll be worth it.

Left overs?

Depending on how lazy you are, you have a few choices here. If you think you can get a few bucks off of some items, try to hustle them online (craigslist, facebook) or use the ad section of your local newspaper. Or if you have items you don’t think anyone could possibly want, you can see what those people look like with the “free” section on Craigslist. People will come, especially when it’s free. If you still have stuff left over, donate it.

If you need help with your next move remember we here at Men on the Move can help. We’ve been in the moving business for over 24 years, and have gained a trustworthy reputation with a focus on quality. We will even offer you a free quote for our services. Simply click here and fill in our on-line form and we will return with a quote for our services. It’s that easy. So fill out our form, and get the ball moving!

Setting Down Roots For Your Move

Roots For Your Move

When moving there are usually important reasons why, for your job, family or to save money. There are always some important steps to keep in mind when you are planning the perfect move. Steps such as setting down roots for your move.  What we mean by this is getting familiar with the area you are moving to. You might have visited your new job location, but what about the surrounding areas? Do you know where the schools are? How about the local hospitals or banks?

Make the Move Easier By Setting Down Roots For Your Move?

You may think you have everything covered when it comes to moving. You have it all planned and hired the right movers, such as Men on the Move! But unfortunately, there is always a few things that may get overlooked. Throughout the process, and setting down roots is usually one of them. Making new friends may be a good step to getting to know your new area. Doing things you enjoy such as bowling, yoga or volunteer work, helps you meet new and interesting people.

A common mistake people make is expecting too much too quick, everything takes time, and building a proper community relationship with friends and neighbors will take some time. Of course, once you are finally moved in you should familiarize yourself with everything around you, grocery stores and local entertainment maybe some tings you want to learn quick and of course the internet can always help you!

The most important thing about your new move and feeling comfortable with your new area is not to stress out. Relax and enjoy your new city, before long you will be settled in and welcoming other new residents to the area. Always remember, no matter where you move hiring a professional moving company like Men on the Move, makes moving stress-free and an enjoyable experience.

Securing Your Apartment

Securing Your Apartment

There is a saying, “All’s fair in love, war, and real estate” and if you’ve ever had to get an apartment in a large city you know this to be true. Large cities such as Detroit have a different approach for apartment hunts versus a mid-sized city or college town. We want to help navigate you through the process of securing your new apartment no matter what kind of move you are looking to make.

Finding and Securing Your Apartment

No matter how big the city or how small the town is, you have options when looking for an apartment. Options such as:

-The local classified ads

-local renting websites, craigslist

-hiring an apartment locator, or service

-Craigslist and google searches


Plan Your Perfect Move

Plan Your Perfect Move

It doesn’t matter if you moving to a city or the country, you’ll need a plan so you have a smooth move.

The moving process has a lot of factors and things to consider. Different moves require different amounts of thought and energy. Moving within the same town or city can be very different from moving across the country. We wanted to help you with your next move, no matter how far or how big. We’ve compiled this list of things that you should consider even if you’re moving across town, or into a new a home.

Before the perfect move:

Securing Your New Place (2-6 months before move)-

Down payments made, leases signed, and keys in hand. No unwanted surprises when you get to your new place, this is the goal.

“Setting Down Roots” (1-2 months before move)

If you are currently on any boards, or participate in any religious groups, look into connecting with these circles before the move. That way you can stay connected with activities that you had in your previous location. Making connections early will help you with settling into your new place faster.

Transfers  (2 weeks – 2 Months before move)-

There are a lot of things that you will want to transfer before you move, and here is a list from furthest out to closer to moving day.