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At Men on the Move, we have helped families move to and from Ann Arbor for decades. Not only do we move families to Ann Arbor, but we service all the surrounding areas. Areas such as Ypsilanti, Saline, Canton, South Lyon, and many others.  Call our Ann Arbor office today at (734) 913-9966 to book your move!

Ann Arbor Moving Resources For New Home Owners

When you move, to Ann Arbor or any new city there are some steps you should take to make your move go smoothly. Your first step is to fully plan your move.  Also, in that first step make sure to fill out a quote form for Men on the Move. Next, make sure to pack up all your belongings. Make sure to label all your moving boxes clear and easy to read. In addition, if there are items you do not want to move and would like to put in storage, Men on the Move offers storage options.

These are just a few tips to help you move more successfully. If you would like more tips, make sure to read our moving tips page.  Below are more Ann Arbor moving resources to answer questions you may have about hiring the professional movers at Men on the Move.

Ann Arbor is a historic city. Many homes have antique furniture that needs to be moved very carefully. When you have newly restored antique furniture in Ann Arbor, we have the experts to pack and move them safely.

Why To Move To The Ann Arbor Area

Ann Arbor Moving Resources

But why move to the Ann Arbor Area? What makes this part of Michigan so special? As we mentioned before, Ann Arbor is a historic city. Founded in 1825, Ann Arbor has been known for its lush and vibrant vegetation. It caused the area to be nicknamed “Tree Town” by local residents. Over time, Ann Arbor has evolved into a bustling hotspot and urban oasis, full of culture. Ann Arbor thrives on its “Tree Town” title by protecting and admiring the nature around them. The area has many parks and the Matthaei Botanical Garden, providing a diverse nature experience to visitors.

Consequently, the University of Michigan also calls Ann Arbor home. This top-ranked, public university enhances Ann Arbor, making it a bustling university town. The University of Michigan provides local entertainment through its football events at Michigan Stadium. They also provide a local Art and Natural History Museums that are open to the public.

                                                                 Historical Ann Arbor

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has a mixture of old and new, especially when it comes to Main Street. People can enjoy a diverse amount of shops and restaurants while see how the historical parts of Ann Arbor meet the new. In addition, you can explore Kerrytown, Ann Arbor’s Historic Market District. Most noteworthy about Kerrytown is the blend and variety of shops that can be found there.

However Ann Arbor isn’t the only attraction in this area, the surrounding cities have their own charm. Nearby this historical city is Ypsilanti, a town full of automotive heritage, and Saline, popular suburbia that has its own wildlife conservation. Furthermore, these are only two of the many areas that you can explore while living in Ann Arbor. Men on the Move is prepared to help you move into this thriving city of culture, even if you are from out of state.

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