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movers in canton moversOur team of movers in Canton are professionals that have been moving homeowners to (and from) Canton for over two decades. It is one of the fastest growing communities in Michigan with over 90,000 people in Canton Township. In the top 100 of highest income cities over 50,000, it is also listed as one of the safest cities in Michigan and in the whole United State.  It is one of the many reasons our customers hire Canton movers.

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Why choose us as your Canton mover? There are many reasons as we point out from our home page. Here is a few of particular interest to people moving to this fine city:
  • Moving professional with multiple service awards
  • Michigan Licensed & Fully Insured
  • Canton movers scheduled 7 Days a Week
  • Many retirees move to Canton and we offer discounts to seniors
The city/township of Canton is located just about 8 miles from the city of Detroit in Southeastern Michigan. If you’re not familiar with this great area, you can easily map it on your mobile phone. Or, if you wish to learn more about the city history and demographics you can visit the Canton Wikipedia page.

Moving is never easy. Probably the worst part of it is organizing, cleaning and packing, that’s your job. The second part is not much better, however, by highering a professional moving company you can fix that!

For more information in regards to movers in Canton, please contact us! Men on the Move is a Michigan based moving company serving the metro Detroit area and we will make your move to Canton as easy and affordable for you as possible.