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Before talking about movers or moving companies, Saline is an area worth learning a bit more about. It is a part of Southeastern Michigan that is not far from the metro area, but far enough west near Ann Arbor to have that rural suburb appeal.

Saline, MI: home of the Croswell Opera House, Monroe County Historical Museum, Hudson Mills Metropolitan Park and many hidden lake gardens. Just being 7 miles South of Ann Arbor, Michigan and 36 miles North of Toledo, Ohio, this city has a population of 9,020 people. Not only is the population fairly increasing, but its attractions are beautiful beyond belief. Saline has a lot of hidden treasures, many of which are unknown. But first, let’s begin with its history.

History of residents moving to Saline

Saline’s original inhabitants were Native Americans. Prior to the settlers arriving, the city was known for its salt deposits and wildlife. As time went on, numerous German and English settlers began moving to Saline. Subsequently, it became established as a city in 1931. This was just 5 years after nearby Ann Arbor Michigan was established in 1824.

Saline’s Demographics

Before choosing Saline movers and settling there, here is some important demographic information. There’s a wide range of people who reside in the city of Saline. As far as the median population goes, 77.2% are 18+ years old, 73.8% are 21+ years old, 20.8% are 62+ years old and 17.3% are 65+ years old. For race, 94.8% are ethnicity White, 0.3% are ethnicity Black, 2.8% are ethnicity Asian, 2.4% are ethnicity Hispanic and 0.2% are ethnicity Indian. The gender population in Saline, MI is 46.6% male and 53.4% female and 95.3% speak English as their first and only language.

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Saline is a great place to live. It’s affordable, beautiful and the homes there retain their value. This city also features historical reenactments, live entertainment and holds special events frequently, such as performing arts.  There are quite a few Universities and colleges nearby if you are looking for a quality education. Washtenaw Community College, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Madonna University are among them.

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