Interstate Moving from Michigan for Jobs or School

Detroit is the Motorcity, the largest city in Michigan, and the heart of the automobile industry. The history is embedded, and it will not go away but the abundance of factories and jobs are lessening. Because companies are moving from Detroit, and out of state. Also, some of the automobile factories in the Motorcity located in Southeastern Michigan off of the Detroit River across from Windsor, Canada are relocating to nearby states.

We have seen factory workers and business owners relocate and move interstate from Detroit and the downriver area across state lines to Toledo, Ohio or Fort Wayne, Indiana for other opportunities. In addition, Ohio offers the Toledo Complex now owned by Chrysler.

Interstate Moving In Michigan

There is a lot of interstate moving from the Southeast Michigan area. Dearborn, Michigan houses the Automotive Hall of Fame located next door to the Henry Ford Museum and U of M Dearborn. We move students from Detroit, Michigan to nearby out-of-state colleges like the University of Toledo and Ohio State. Students move from areas like Ann Arbor and from Detroit interstate to other Universities in the US within 500 miles. We understand how important your new school, job, or career is to you and we feel the same way that’s why we offer;

Relocating from the Detroit Michigan area to another state whether the auto industry took you there, new job, new school, or even retirement can be challenging. Men on the Move, Inc. is a professional moving company and will relocate you or your business interstate within 500 miles. Finally, contact us and fill out a FREE QUOTE and let us move you!

Interstate Moving