What to research before moving to a New Town

Where are you moving to?

Research Before Moving

Take the question out of the move! We’ve made a list of things to research so you can get to know your new town better

When planning a move the most exciting part can be getting a lay of the new land. Where to eat, good spots to hang out at, where you can buy a decent cup of coffee. It really makes the move real for you and helps you make plans for your new life.

If you haven’t started the new search on your new town, let us help you with what you should be looking for and in a logical order (yea there should be an order).

1) Get your ducks in a row

Before figuring out all the “Fun Stuff” you need to figure out the basics.

-Where are the important things to Research Before Moving?

Work, schools, grocery stores, public transportations, hospitals and doctor’s offices, these things are the first things you need to figure out. Knowing the locations of these will determine how you exist in your town (e.g. will you be walking or driving to work? What is the bus schedule ect.). The quicker you know the better.

Best resources for this:

Google Maps

City’s official websites

-What is the “vibe” of your town or city?

Are you moving to a quiet small town, an artsy town, or a large city? The difference matters, especially if you want to settle in and find your nitch. Ann Arbor is very different experience from other places in Michigan like Holland and Southgate. Figure out what your neighbors are gonna be like.

Best resources for this:

City’s Official Websites

City’s Official Facebook/twitter accounts

Online Forums (Reddit, Yelp, TripAdvisor, when in doubt google it)


-What is weather/climate like there?

When you move somewhere, knowing the climate and weather patterns can make a big difference. For example, if you move to West coast of Michigan you will HAVE to learn about the lake effect. People who live on the coast will tell you “Don’t trust the weatherman, he’s always wrong”, and that will make all the difference. With a little bit of research, you can be more prepared for any inclement weather that may happen, and how to prepare for it.

Best resources for this:

Wikipedia (seriously)

weather channel

2) The Fun Stuff

This is the best part, now you get to find out more about your town and where you can go to have a fun time


One of the best parts of moving, trying the local’s best. Food makes for a fun time and the local drink spots are where you can make new friends or find your newest drinking spot. Local breweries, distilleries, coffee shops, and food are what can define a town. So go out and enjoy them!

Best resources for this:

Google searches

Local newspaper’s “Best of” lists

Online Forums



Next, ways to keep yourself entertained! Movie theaters, dance clubs, hiking spots, music spots, and other things you love. Make sure you cross-reference reviews on these spots, though, get the best experience with a little research we always say!

Best resources for this:

Google searches (shocker)

Facebook searches

Online Forums (These things are lifesavers for local information, seriously)

Specific Interest focused website (Hiking websites, Disc golfing websites)

-Meeting People

This one. So one of the hardest parts of moving can be meeting new people. There are resources out there to help, volunteering, classes, and activities that you enjoy (ex. yoga classes, local clubs, etc.)

Best resources for this:

Meetup.com (connects people who have similar interests in activities they enjoy)


We hope this list has helped you get excited about your move. Remember, if you need help with your move across the Mitten State, we here at Men on the Move can help! We’ll give you high-quality service at a price you can afford.

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