What To Look For When Purchasing A Home With A Deck or Porch

When you think of your dream home you may have a list in your head of what you want. It might be a big kitchen, a walk-in closet, or a nice porch or deck you can enjoy the outdoors on. Purchasing a home with a deck not only gives you access to the great outdoors but also gives you home more space to entertain and host guests. When purchasing a home with a deck or porch, you need to be diligent in inspecting it before you purchase your home.

Also, looking over and inspecting the deck in question will help you save money and headaches in the long run. If you purchased a home with a deck that is unsafe or falling apart replacing it will cost you and eat into your budget. We here at Men on the Move want your move into your dream home to go smoothly so we made a list of things to look for when purchasing a home with a deck or porch.

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Tips for buying a home with a deck or porch

Making sure your next home’s deck is safe will save you time and money!

Advice For Purchasing A Home With A Deck or Porch

You are probably wondering “What should I be looking for when purchasing a home with a deck”. There isn’t much out there on the internet regarding this topic, but if this is part of your ideal home, you need to do your research.

Ask About The History

Ask who built the deck. You need to know if it was a homeowner with DIY ambitions or a professional. If you know that it was the homeowner you need to be especially leery. Most DIYers don’t know all the proper regulations and can lead to fines, or worse, accidents. If you know that the deck was built by the homeowner, and they are not a professional, get the deck inspected by a professional.

The Devil Is In The Details

You need to look closely at things on the deck to make sure it is in good condition. Things such as wood, posts, railing, and foundation. Any signs of rotting is an immediate red flag, especially on posts (and bases), beams, and ledgers. These repairs can be costly or worse unfixable. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by inspecting these elements for rot and decay.

Feel For Structural Issues

Walk across the deck a few times to feel the for the structure of the deck. There should be NO movement when you walk across it and no weakness in the boards.  Any wobble (especially on a second story deck) is an immediate red flag that you should walk away from. You should also look to see if there are any bumps or warping in the boards. If there are undulations, that is a red flag for foundation issues. Unless you have money in your budget to fix these issues, stay away.

Get the Deck Inspected by a Professional

If you are unsure if the deck or balcony is safe, get it inspected. There are lots of local companies out there who will inspect your potential deck for any issues. Just like you’d get a used car inspected, you should do the same for your porch.

We hope this list has helped you with your decision making. Remember, whenever you decide to move, hire a professional and make it go smoothly! Get your free quote today!


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