Things to Consider When Moving With Children

Moving in itself can be stressful as a parent. Have you thought about the things to consider when moving with children in Michigan? Sure, packing up your families home, getting things in order, and moving your family may be difficult for you. Children may also have a difficult time adjusting to something as drastic as a move. It is important to keep your child in the loop, and understand their feelings throughout the moving process.

Helping Children With Moving In Michigan:family moving

  • Adapting to change can be difficult for a child. Depending on how old your child is, the effects of moving may be different. Keep in mind that your child has developed memories in your current home. For some children, it may be the only home that they have ever had. Having to separate from a place that has been an everyday part of life can be difficult for a child. Explain to them that at your new home you can make new memories together. Point out some of the positive aspects of where you will be living in Michigan.
  • Changing schools is often one of the most troubling parts of moving for a child. Even short distance moves, such as Livonia to Plymouth, or moving from Plymouth to Canton can cause a child to have to change school districts. The first thing that goes through a child’s mind, is losing their friends. It is important to explain to your child that friendships don’t have to end just because you are moving. Inform them that although you may not see them every day in school, you can always schedule special things to do on weekends or other free days. It may be especially tough for preschool age children.
  • Allowing your child to be involved in the moving process can help eliminate the shock that is often associated with moving with children. Allow them to help pack and tape boxes, unpacking at your new home, helping them choose paint colors, or decorating your new home. There are so many small things that you can ask your child to help with, that can distract them from the negative feelings that they may have.

Although breaking the news about moving affects each child differently, staying alert to how your child is responding is critical. We have compiled some moving tips that touch on various aspects of moving in Michigan, including things to consider when moving with children. Are you moving with preschool or younger children? Our friends at Paradigm Child Care in Canton and Waterford Michigan can help you with their transition. Being able to help you with your move from beginning to end makes up Michigan’s best moving company. Contact us today to get a local residential moving quote.

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