Moving With Kids in Michigan

Loading and unloading kids from your car on a typical run to the grocery store can sometimes be a struggle. But, imagine if you had to completely relocate your household, your children, pets, and move all of your furniture. Moving children in Michigan can be a struggle, but at Men on the Move, our jobs as professionals are to make sure we provide you with everything you need to have an easy, successful move without all of the stress. Here are some of our tips for moving kids in metro Detroit, Michigan.

It is tough enough as an adult to have to move. You may have to relocate your job, become familiar with a new area, and unpack all of your belongings, starting new. With children, a move can be a much more complicated situation. Many times children are too young to understand why their comfortable scenery is here one day and gone the next, for others the thought moving away from their friends or school is tragic, and some may just not care either way.

Tips On Moving With Kids

Until the decision to move comes, there is no way to determine what your child’s reaction will be, it is very important to talk with your child about the move. We look at this as a top priority as you want your child to understand what is going on. There are some important things to remember when talking with your child:

  • Encourage them to express how they fell about the situation
  • Focus on the positives of the move and avoid grief or disappointment
  • Pay attention to their reactions
  • Continue to reassure your child along the way

Not all children will react the same to moving. Your child’s age will play a large role in their understanding of the situation, but can often make it more difficult as older kids have developed stronger friendships throughout the school in Michigan.

School plays a large role in moving with your kids. Many say that you should move during the summer while kids are out of school, we disagree. School is where most children in Michigan will meet friends and communicate with peers on a daily basis. Moving during the summer makes it difficult for a child to meet their peers until school begins. Moving in the winter in Michigan is very common for families moving with children.

Lastly, try to get your child involved in the move, let them set up their room, go for walks around your new neighborhood, and encourage their involvement in preparing your new home. Getting your child involved will make them feel a part of what is going on and not feel left out.

For more tips on moving with children, print our free printable PDF on moving with children in Michigan.