Men on the Move Celebrate 25 years!

Celebrating 25 Years

We are happy to announce that Men on the Move is celebrating our Quarter of a Century Anniversary! Also, for those 25 years we’ve been offering the Metro Detroit area high quality moving services for all moves. We’ve expanded, moved and have gained new services. Such as our packing and unpacking services for the Metro Detroit area. 

In other news Celebrating 25 Years….


We’ve always based our success on “treating people right.”

The good news just keeps on coming! Did you see some of the news articles that Men on the Move has been featured in? We recently were featured in Hometownlife and in the Westland Chamber of Commerce Newsletter for our longstanding place in the local community and long record of local involvement. Also, we were happy to sit down with local news affiliates to talk about us as the people behind the company.

We talked with Hometownlife about the basis of our company and what makes us different from the other groups of movers. Also, we told them about how we can help you with any type of move you might have, local or long distance, and that we also offer packing services, and packing supplies to all our customers. At Men on the Move, we were happy to talk about how we are fully licensed for local and long distance moves in the Metro Detroit and greater Michigan area.

At Men on the Move we are always concerned about customers and clients being duped by an unlicensed mover. We were more than happy to talk about it and get to chat about how we started as a company and how we built our company up over time through our great customer service and our professional staff. We talked about our humble beginnings in the Westland area and our Livonia expansion. Our favorite part was when we were able to share some of our favorite memories from the last 25 years.

We enjoyed being featured by Hometownlife and Westland Chamber of Commerce Newsletter and thank them for the article! 

If you need help with your next local move, then look no further! We can help you with your next residential or commercial move. In addition, we can handle large local moves and big long distance moves as well! Finally, we’re licensed and certified and ready to help!

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Why use a Licensed Moving Company?

Licensed Moving Company

Trucks with no company names, or logos are a flag for a potential unlicensed illegal movers.

Moving day is approaching, and you may have found that you are in need of some extra hands on the move. If you’ve never hired a moving service company you may be asking questions like “How much is this going to cost?”, “What is the difference between a licensed and unlicensed mover”, or “ Why not use this craigslist guy?”.

First off, we are going to strongly advise you not to use the craigslist guy, just for the simple reason that he probably isn’t licensed. Having a license for a moving company is important for you to the consumer because it ensures a few things:

  1. That the company is running a legal operation and can be held accountable for any of their actions
  2. A licensed company will have insurance, and in turn, will probably offer insurance for you the consumer.
  3. Unlicensed movers are more likely to potentially damage your stuff, change prices once they have your possessions, or steal your stuff.

Men on the Move Is A Licensed Moving Company

In the past few years, there has been a skyrocket in complaints against unlicensed moving companies. Many sting operations to shut these illegal operations down (Here is an example story from New Jersey). From items getting stolen to unexpected price hikes, you need a company you can trust. For the Metro Detroit area, there is no better company to use than Men on the Move. You’ve probably seen us on highway helping someone with their move or heard about us on the radio. When it comes down to it, no one does it better than Men on the Move.

We also offer free quotes for your commercial or residential move so you can better assess your moving costs. Finally, we are fully licensed, insured, and always give our award winning service.