Detroit Movers

Detroit Movers

Are you looking for professional Detroit movers to help you move into the city?  The Motor City has been changing over the years with new restoration projects. While some locations still need tender love and care, many local neighborhoods have been revitalized. People are frequently moving into or out of Motor City. When people are looking for moving companies to move to Detroit, they call Men on the Move!
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“Professional Moving companies know how to navigate the one-way streets and freeways in Detroit. Let us do the loading and unloading for you!”

Popular Neighborhoods in Detroit

Here are some of the more popular neighborhoods that people are eager to move into. Detroit has some amazing locations and from our experience and recent statistics, we can confirm that moving into historic neighborhoods, highrise apartments, and condos are on the rise. want to highlight some of the most popular neighborhoods in the city.

Boston-Edison Historic District 

In the heart of Detroit, the Boston-Edison Historic District shines brightly. The residents of this community have a deep appreciation for historic homes. Icons like Henry Ford and Sebastian Kresge used to call this location their home. Now, this neighborhood has over 900 homes that were constructed between 1905 to 1925! Most of all, the Boston-Edison Historic District is a great location. The neighborhood is 10 minutes away from Downtown Detroit and Midtown! Furthermore, it’s just 5 minutes away from the New Center. Homeowners have access to the biggest hotspots Detroit has to offer!

Woodbridge District

Another historic district that people are eager to move into. Like Boston-Edison, the majority of the homes are Victorian homes with immense historical value. Woodbridge is walking and biking distance from all of Detroit’s hotspots. This includes Corktown, one of the oldest extant neighborhoods in the city. Also, Woodbridge was recognized by the National Register of Historic Places! Without a doubt, Woodbridge is one of the most popular residential areas in the city!

North End District

The North End neighborhood has seen a lot of changes over the last couple of years. With new development projects underway, the North End is growing an amazing community! For decades, this district has been home to small-to-medium businesses, historical churches, and other sights that need to be seen to believe. The neighborhood is also close to Downtown Detroit, allowing you to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

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When it comes to choosing moving companies, you should select a local one that knows Detroit. The professional movers at Men on the Move have been in Detroit and the Metro area for decades. We are local and long distance movers. Whether your moving into one of the revived neighborhoods or heading to the suburbs, we can help. Our company will move you quickly and safely to your new home in no time! If you are looking for professional Movers near Detroit. Instead of hiring any moving company, you should be hiring the best!

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