Moving From Detroit to Chicago

As a Michigan resident, you have probably made the trip from Metro Detroit to Chicago at least once. Chicago is a very common travel destination for Michigan residents looking for a quick get away or heading out on a business trip. With only 281.4 miles in between the heart of Detroit to the heart of Chicago, its only about a four hour trip (of course if you miss rush hour). Maybe you enjoyed Chicago Land so much you are preparing to move and make it your new home. If so, wouldn’t you like to do so in just one trip?

Things to Consider When Moving From Detroit To Chicago

Moving out of state, even a short distance like moving from Detroit to Chicago, can be a hassle if attempting to do so on your own. Preparing for a move in itself, regardless of your destination can be challenging. Besides packing there are many things that you have to get taken care of prior to moving out of Michigan. If you are moving your family, you may have to enroll your children in school, find new doctors, dentists, you may have to find a new job, or get all your utilities hooked up. To make the process easier our professional full service movers in Michigan can help you, starting with the very first step, packing. Not only do we offer great moving and packing tips, but can actually do the work for you as well.

Your Local Moving Company From Detroit to Chicago

Why turn a four hour move into a 12 hour move? Men on the Move can accomplish your long distance move from Detroit to Chicago in just one trip. Be sure to ask our moving professionals about providing you with packing supplies for your move as well. Get a moving quote now for your Detroit, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois full service out of state move.

Not moving to Chicago? Get information on tri state moves or long distance moves.


Securing Your Apartment

Securing Your Apartment

There is a saying, “All’s fair in love, war, and real estate” and if you’ve ever had to get an apartment in a large city you know this to be true. Large cities such as Detroit have a different approach for apartment hunts versus a mid-sized city or college town. We want to help navigate you through the process of securing your new apartment no matter what kind of move you are looking to make.

Finding and Securing Your Apartment

No matter how big the city or how small the town is, you have options when looking for an apartment. Options such as:

-The local classified ads

-local renting websites, craigslist

-hiring an apartment locator, or service

-Craigslist and google searches


Detroit Area Local Moving — Made Easy

Detroit Area Local Moving -- Made Easy

Our moving services can be practical for someone moving in Oakland County form Royal Oak to Troy. You might think that such a short distance move could be handled with your friends and family helping you. With our affordable prices, that some people just call “cheap” we pride ourselves on providing a fully insured yet cost-effective moving option.

Moving day is very hectic, navigating Oakland County Detroit Traffic shouldn’t add to your frustration. Also, to make moving day as relaxing as it can be, hire a professional moving company to move your items. We arrive promptly and being loading one of our trucks with your possessions. In addition, we make sure to take the time to pack the truck carefully as not to cause damage to your items.

Detroit Area – Royal Oak and More

When packing up your belongings in Royal Oak, you should make sure all your boxes are labeled. Label the box on at least 2 sides.  Also, put the times in boxes that make sense if you are going to be rearranging your new house. This way each box can be placed around the new house. Stack the boxes neatly to be prepared for the movers. This simple task can speed moving day up.

Once arriving in Troy the movers will put the boxes in the room they are labeled. This is so you can unpack accordingly. You will see that your items have arrives in the same condition they left your previous home. We take pride as movers that your furniture and items arrive in the same condition they were when you left.

Our professional staff can help you plan your move around metro Detroit and provide you with the cost and options for various moving options. We also sell Moving Boxes in different sizes perfect for moving items as necessary keeping them safely packed and are available even if you don’t use our moving services.