We moved to Livonia! Our New Livonia Location

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Happy New Year From Our New Livonia Location!

Men on the Move is proud to announce that we have completed our move to Livonia from Westland. Our new address is 12400 Merriman Road in Livonia, Michigan 48150. We are proud to now be apart of the Livonia community! Your favorite Michigan movers are moving to an 11,000 square foot facility to better accommodate our Wayne County customers.

Men on the Move is looking forward to offering new services for new local Livonia residents! Book your local move, long distance move, student move, or apartment move today with your trusted Michigan movers. Along with this new location, we will be offering indoor secure storage. We have storage areas you can rent with two different sizes either 10 x 10 or 10 x 15, your choice! Great for storing furniture, appliances, household items and much more! Reserve your storage area today!

Livonia Location With Great Highway Access

With the new location, Men on the Move can service surrounding cities even faster than the already fast service we used to offer. So when looking for movers in Plymouth Michigan, you should look no further than Men on the Move. We have been servicing Plymouth for over 25 years and all our movers are very familiar with the area. Give us a call today at (734) 744-9547 or receive a free quote on your next move to Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Canton or anywhere in between!

Finally, the new Men on the Move location is on Merriman between Plymouth and Industrial Road.

Downsizing Your Home

Now that the kids have begun moving back to college and some have even moved out for good, you may be thinking about downsizing your home.Why do you need all the extra space for just you or you and your spouse? Downsizing your Michigan home may relieve financial struggle as well as decrease maintenance in or around your home. Downsizing Your Home

So, how do you start preparing yourself to downsize? What are you going to do with all of your stuff? The one thing we always tell clients who are looking to downsize is before you move, pretend that everything you own, has disappeared. Imagine standing in your new, smaller home, apartment, or condo and making a list of what needs to be replaced.

Downsizing Your Home Tips

As you go down that list, put a neon sticky not on the items. So, your list may start with a bed, your appliances if needed, a couch, TV, table, and so on. It is always a good idea to know the measurements of your new place and your current furniture so you know if it will fit just right.

With all of the items that you have not marked, get rid of them. Of course, you may want to keep some small decor items, but keep it simple. Sell, donate, or throw away what you have not marked. Many people will try to move items that they haven’t marked as a necessity to try and get rid of them later. Try to do this step before you move, not only will it reduce your moving cost, but 9/10 times an item enters your new home you will “find a spot for it” even though it is not needed.

Parting with your belongings is hard. Many people carry items that have sentimental value, or other items they just can’t seem to let go. Find a climate controlled storage facility where you can store the items so they do not have to enter your home. Downsizing can be a challenge especially if you are coming from a very large home.

Finally, contact Men on the Move today for more tips, or to get a free residential moving quote today!

Last Minute Moving

It’s always a great idea to plan your move well in advance. Usually, planning two to three months ahead of time is a good time span to get all of your belongings sorted out. Although Men on the Move recommends you to plan ahead, sometimes people don’t have time and have to move last minute. Regardless, we are here to help you.

Last MInute Moving Advice

Last minute moving can be a pain and can feel like you’re being rushed but with these tips, we can make your quick move seem like it was planned:

  1. Throw away the unnecessary junk. Getting rid of the items that you don’t need is essential when doing your last minute move because it helps you in the long run. Instead of just packing up everything and moving, sorting and throwing away or donating the things that you no longer want makes your move easier. The fewer items you have to pack, the less stress you’ll have whenLast Minute Moving moving. Moving takes time and energy and by having everything already sorted out or thrown away prior to moving to another location, it will make your move even smoother.
  1. Make piles. Sorting your belongings into three piles (to keep, to throw away, and to donate) can be very beneficial during your last minute move. If you haven’t used, worn, or played with it in over a year, throwing it out or giving it away would be your best bet. Moving last minute doesn’t have to just involve you; your family and friends can get involved too to help your move go by faster.
  1. Start packing. Men on the Move suggests using boxes when packing. Used or new boxes, the choice is yours. Make sure you properly wrap things such as mirrors, lamps, and glass with bubble wrap for safety reasons. Fragile objects like that will need to be carried more carefully than things such as clothes and shoes. Once everything is packed away, look around your old home to make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Check out our tips on properly packing your boxes for some helpful advice!

Hire Men on the Move Today

Men on the Move love to see our customers satisfied. If you’re currently packing for your last minute move, contact us today. Finally, let us help you take that burden off of your shoulders.

Deciding What to Keep When Moving

Deciding What to Keep When Moving

Figuring out what to keep and what to throw away, give away, or donate when preparing your move can be a pain. You have to decide which items mean more to you than others and which really are useless to you and your family. The moving process can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be.

First and foremost, breathe. It is much easier to move when you’re relaxed which tends to help the moving process go by faster. While going through your things, make a “to go” and a “to stay” pile. By organizing your items, you will be able to see which items you would like to keep for your new home and which items you are less interested in now.

Before finalizing your decision, look over the items you’ve decided to keep one last time. Ask yourself “Was it worth a long of money?” “Did it take me a while to finally get it?” If your answers are yes, then these are the types of items you should keep. Of course, you should never throw away memorable items such as a photo album or a videotape of your baby’s first steps, but if there are some items you haven’t looked at or touched within the past five years why hold on to them?

What To Keep When Moving

Moving to a new home is like turning over a new leaf. The only way to move forward is if you leave the unnecessary things behind.

Remember, when going through your valuables, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” If your answer is no, throw it out or give it away. If you ever need help with moving from one place to another, Men on the Move is here to help. We can assure you that your moving process will be easy. Give us a call today at any one of our locations. We look forward to being assistance to you!

Packing Your Moving Boxes

Are you in need of a moving company to help move your belongings between homes? Did you know that packing your own belongings when hiring a professional moving company can help save you money on your move?

As professional movers, we want to share with you the tips and tricks of packing that we use every day. Properly packing your boxes can benefit you during the moving process whether you are doing the moving yourself as well, or you are hiring Men on the Move to move your household items for you.

Tips For Packing Your Moving Boxes

To see all of our tips on packing your own boxes please check out: Moving Tips: Packing Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

Our experience in how to pack all of your Packing Your Moving Boxeshousehold items can help eliminate the risk of damaged items during a move, or the overall cost of the move. Allow yourself plenty of time to pack up all of your belongings and ensure that it is done correctly. Always remember that the weight of a box shall not exceed 50 pounds.

Finally, if you are in need of packaging supplies, contact us today.  Also, we offer a wide variety of packing necessities to help prepare you for your move!

Moving with Pets – What to Plan for!

If you’re packing up and relocating, please DO NOT underestimate planning and prepping your pet for the move. We’ve been around the block and have seen the negative effects that mismanaging your dogs or cats can have. To keep the commotion to a minimum we have compiled some helpful tips. Consider these tips when planning a Michigan move with pets!

Moving with Pets Tips

  • Preparing your pets

    – Some pets literally jump at the idea of going on car rides. Others may associate it with trips to the veterinarian’s office. Unless your pet loves it, you may want to Moving with Pets – What to Plan for!prepare your pet by letting them come with you on routine errands. Gradually increase the distance you drive your pet and this should build up a bit of a car ride tolerance they have come moving time, so you don’t shock their systems. Consulting with your vet before you move is a wise idea. Tranquilizers or sedatives could help out pets who are extra fidgety or frightened during long car rides. During the packing and loading process, you may want to have your pet stay at a neighbor’s house. That or keep them in a kennel or enclosed room while your professional Michigan movers do their thing.

  • During the move

    – You should make up a list of items you’ll need while traveling with your pet a few weeks before the move. Items like carriers, toys, water, food, treats, and Tupperware or collapsible dishes are some of the basics. Remember to pack some clean-up supplies in case of motion sickness.

  • Settling in

    – It may seem fitting to dump your pet’s previous dishes, bedding, blankets, toys, etc., and replace them with new items for the new home. However, this could make them even more nervous in unfamiliar surroundings. Keep the same items until they are noticeably comfortable, and keep them in similar places to their spots in your previous home as well.

  • Moving with cats

    – Cats can be overwhelmed by a new home with a new setup. Limit the number of rooms your cat can enter and just let them explore gradually on their terms for Moving with Pets – What to Plan for!a while. To make your cat feel more comfortable, surround your cat with some of his/her favorite toys and items.

  • Moving with dogs

    – We suggest immediately taking your dog on a walk around the neighborhood once you move in, to get he/she accustomed to the new area. Set boundaries in the yard that they are permitted to roam and make up a consistent feeding and walking schedule.

If you are cognizant of your pet’s feelings and needs it’ll make the whole moving process easier on everyone involved. Check out our page on Do’s and Don’t when moving Pets for even more helpful tips and suggestions!