Monthly Giveaways At Men on the Move

Monthly Giveaways At Men on the Move

Here at Men On The Move, we like to have some fun and what’s more fun than Gift Card Giveaway Contests? Each month, we hold a contest to give away a gift card from a local business that’s great to eat at! Also it’s easy to get signed up! All you have to do is fill out our entry form each month for the gift card you want!

Which type of gift cards do we give out? Some of our previous contests have included MOD Pizza gift cards and Del Taco gift cards. Also currently, we are running another fun and useful giveaway contest!

Our Current Gift Card Giveaway

For the whole month of July, we are giving away a $50 Olga’s Kitchen gift card to one lucky winner! If you love pasta, gyros, Greek salads, and snackers, enter today to win free ones! At the end of the month, winners will be randomly drawn and contacted. Will it be you? Sign up soon and give yourself a chance!

Men On The Move makes moving fun! If you are looking to move, hire Men On The Move today. We will make your moving experience as calm and stress-free as moving can be. In addition remember, even during a move, you can still sign up for the gift card giveaway contest. For more information on our monthly gift card giveaway contests, contact us today! And don’t forget to check our social media accounts so you can stay updated on our current events and contests!

Enter The Giveaways Today

Enter our giveaways today for a chance to win! Simply fill out the form below and you will be eligible for the giveaway. In addition, our giveaways vary from month to month so come back often and enter today!

This contest has ended join us next month!

Monthly Men on the Move Giveaway!

Enter the Monthly Contest

Each month we have a new contest with great prizes such as gift cards, tickets, and more! Make sure to check back each month for a new giveaway! Fill out the form and the winners will be notified. Gift Card giveaway for one lucky winner! Enter for your chance to win!

Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! This month and next we are giving away a $25 Amazon Gift card. One lucky winner will be drawn on September 30th, 2021! So enter today!

$25 Gift Card Giveaway

One lucky winner will be drawn each month. The winner will have the card mailed directly to the address given.

The August 2021 Winner
The July 2021 Winner
T. Colvard
The June 2021 Winner
M. Spiridon
The May 2021 Winner
D. Diederich
The April 2021 Winner

D. PerlinThe March 2021 Winner

M. Monseur

The October 2020 Winner

D. Roggenbuck

The September 2020 Winner

R. Kalita

The August 2020 Winner

B. Jone

The July 2020 Winner

S. McCormick

The June 2020 Winner

L. Bourlier

The May 2020 Winners:

DJ Campbell and L. Mendez

The March 2020 Giveaway Winner:

M. Smiley

The April 2020 Giveaway Winner:A. Rowe

The December 2019 Giveaway Winner:

L. Gichenhorn

The November 2019 Giveaway Winner:

M. Monseur

The October 2019 Giveaway Winner:

J. Bushey

The September 2019 Giveaway Winners:

C. Montgomery and G. Taylor

The August 2019 Giveaway Winner:

L. Mendez

The July 2019 Giveaway Winner:

R. Kalita

The June 2019 Giveaway Winner:

M. Montgomery

The May 2019 Del Taco Giveaway Winners:

R. Munteanu and M. Neu