Recycle Your Moving Boxes!

Moving from one place to the next means packing and emptying a lot of boxes. The bigger your house, the more boxes you have when the job is done. An average move uses around 60 boxes, which is a half ton pine tree! There are many ways in which you can reuse or recycle your boxes rather then putting them on the curb for the garbage man.

A great way to recycle moving boxes, or large appliance boxes is to give them to the kids. Children can decorate and create unimaginable things from cardboard. As a child my favorite was to create a little house out of  large recycled  boxes. You can cut out a door, windows, paint the house, and let your imagination run wild. You can make costumes, castles, forts, furniture, and countless other creations from a simple cardboard box.

Other uses for moving boxes can be as simple as putting them under the car to find a leak or using them for doormats when it is wet outside. I could go on for ever giving you ways to recycle cardboard boxes, but we have created an entire Pinterest board showing you ideas with photos that other from all over have came up with.

So, have fun recycling those boxes and get creative!


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