Moving with Pets – What to Plan for!

If you’re packing up and relocating, please DO NOT underestimate planning and prepping your pet for the move. We’ve been around the block and have seen the negative effects that mismanaging your dogs or cats can have. To keep the commotion to a minimum we have compiled some helpful tips. Consider these tips when planning a Michigan move with pets!

Moving with Pets Tips

  • Preparing your pets

    – Some pets literally jump at the idea of going on car rides. Others may associate it with trips to the veterinarian’s office. Unless your pet loves it, you may want to Moving with Pets – What to Plan for!prepare your pet by letting them come with you on routine errands. Gradually increase the distance you drive your pet and this should build up a bit of a car ride tolerance they have come moving time, so you don’t shock their systems. Consulting with your vet before you move is a wise idea. Tranquilizers or sedatives could help out pets who are extra fidgety or frightened during long car rides. During the packing and loading process, you may want to have your pet stay at a neighbor’s house. That or keep them in a kennel or enclosed room while your professional Michigan movers do their thing.

  • During the move

    – You should make up a list of items you’ll need while traveling with your pet a few weeks before the move. Items like carriers, toys, water, food, treats, and Tupperware or collapsible dishes are some of the basics. Remember to pack some clean-up supplies in case of motion sickness.

  • Settling in

    – It may seem fitting to dump your pet’s previous dishes, bedding, blankets, toys, etc., and replace them with new items for the new home. However, this could make them even more nervous in unfamiliar surroundings. Keep the same items until they are noticeably comfortable, and keep them in similar places to their spots in your previous home as well.

  • Moving with cats

    – Cats can be overwhelmed by a new home with a new setup. Limit the number of rooms your cat can enter and just let them explore gradually on their terms for Moving with Pets – What to Plan for!a while. To make your cat feel more comfortable, surround your cat with some of his/her favorite toys and items.

  • Moving with dogs

    – We suggest immediately taking your dog on a walk around the neighborhood once you move in, to get he/she accustomed to the new area. Set boundaries in the yard that they are permitted to roam and make up a consistent feeding and walking schedule.

If you are cognizant of your pet’s feelings and needs it’ll make the whole moving process easier on everyone involved. Check out our page on Do’s and Don’t when moving Pets for even more helpful tips and suggestions!

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