Intrastate Move Up North- Michigan

Are you a Michigan resident preparing to move up north? Residents of southeastern Michigan are always looking to pack up and move to a more spacious Michigan. Areas such as northern Michigan or the UP. When moving from lower Michigan to northern Michigan, your move will be considered an intrastate move unless you are moving less than 40 miles north of your current location.

What is an Intrastate move? Intrastate Move

Although the guidelines for Intrastate moving vary from state to state. Michigan requires any move over 40 miles in any direction to be deemed as an intrastate move. Also, if at any point your move requires travel outside of Michigan state lines, your move is then considered an interstate move.

If you are preparing to move your household to northern Michigan, hiring a professional mover will allow you to complete your move in just one trip. Be sure to properly prepare yourself for an intrastate move in Michigan. We have all of the tools you need for a successful, affordable intrastate move in Michigan.

What does Men on the Move offer?

At Men on the Move we provide residents who are preparing for an intrastate move to northern Michigan with a variety of services including but not limited to:

Our goal at Men on the Move, your Michigan moving company for intrastate moving, is to provide you with the highest quality moving services in Michigan. Also, we take pride in each move that we perform, ensuring that all of your belongings reach your destination safely. We are a fully insured Michigan moving company so in the event that something does happen during transit, your belongings are covered.

Finally, for more information on moving to northern Michigan or Michigan’s upper peninsula, contact us today. We would love to discuss your moving plan and go over your cost of moving in Michigan.