How to Find Local Moving Companies Near Me?

Find a local moving company

When I am moving, I try to find local moving companies near me. There are many perks to using local moving companies. Local movers know the lay of the land better than other companies. This includes the best streets to take, the best times to avoid traffic, and other tricks that make doing their job easier. In addition, they also tend to have better pricing than other moving companies. Why? Because they save you time and money by being closer.  So where do I start searching for movers near me?


Well, word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a reliable moving company. People are always eager to talk about their good or bad experiences. Talking to friends and family members about moving companies they recommend or the ones that you should avoid is always good. Another way is to put it out to your friends or followers on social media. This is a good way to find out personal experiences from people that you know.

Provider Directories

There is another way to find local moving companies. Provider Database/Directories like Angi (formerly Angie’s List) and Yelp are other ways to find local movers. These directories are in business to help people find local companies, products  and services that they are searching for. Most of us know that when we search “moving companies near me” that several of these sites will come up near the top of results. However, it is good to take everything with a grain of salt. Companies can buy better positions in some directories. They can even manipulate reviews.  You can however, get important details of a company (phone number, address, website etc.),  that will add a level of legitimacy.  Men on the move is listed in many local directories as a matter of course. In fact, they are a Certified Pro on Angi.

Add City to Near Me Searches

When using our mobile phones, most of us have a habit of asking or searching to find things “near me.” Usually, the device can determine where you are approximately and give you results that may fit your needs. Now, sometimes these devices base your location on your IP address, which may or may not be where you actually are. For example, if you search local moving company near me, and your IP says Troy, Michigan, but you are actually in Canton, Michigan that could be a problem.  Furthermore, you might want to check out a mover that is closer to your destination city from your current residence.  In these cases, you might want to include the name of the city in your near me search. This is especially true if you have your location disabled on your phone.

Local Ads and Self Promotion

Of course, referrals and directories are not the only way to find local movers. You probably still get coupons and mailers that feature some and see the moving trucks as you drive around the metro area. For example, seeing a moving truck like Men on the Move in your neighborhood or driving down the road is pretty common. However, to get the best and most complete information, going to their website still is the best option. You can easily corroborate their status through those other methods, but contacting or getting a direct moving quote is easiest through the website.

Men on the Move near you

Whether you live Downriver, on the east side, near Ann Arbor or anywhere in the Metro Detroit area you can find Men on the Move near you. From your local mover, you should always expect a personal touch and friendly service; the most important part of a great moving company. At Michiganmovers.com, you can read real customer testimonials on the website that will help confirm them as the best choice when hiring a local moving company.