Alternative Ways to Find Boxes

Alternative Ways to Find Boxes

Looking for alternative ways to find boxes? When people are moving, boxes become essential. However, buying moving boxes can become very expensive. Unless you have a hidden surplus of boxes, you are going to have to find boxes. Instead of buying boxes, there are some alternative methods to getting moving boxes. So, here are some Men on the Move moving tips on how to get moving boxes!

Your Community

Let’s talk about the alternative way to find boxes. One of the first places that you should look at is your community. First of all, ask your friends and family. Call and ask if they have any boxes from recent deliveries or their moves. Another way to ask your friends is to post on social media to let people know that you are looking for moving supplies. The next place you should look is garage sales.

It is almost a guarantee that boxes will be there. Ask the sellers if they are willing to part with some. Finally, ask someone who has just recently moved. Whether it is in your neighborhood or down the street, someone is just moved in will have a surplus of boxes by the end. Sometimes you will find them on the curb. Or you can just ask them directly.

Retail Business

One of the alternative ways to find boxes is by stopping by local retail businesses. Retail businesses, big or small, are always getting shipments of products to add to their stock. Check out some large retailers nearby you (Target, Walmart, etc.). If you spot employees stocking shelves, ask if you can take them. You can end up with a lot of boxes in one stop. Also, you should consider going to liquor and book stores. Since liquor and book stores deal with heavier products, their shipment boxes should be more durable than average. These boxes would be perfect for moving. Finally, check out grocery stores and pharmacies. These locations get several shipments a week, meaning that you can have access to a lot of boxes.

Food and Drink Business

Just like retail businesses, food and drink businesses are another alternative way to get boxes. Just like other businesses, stores in this industry get regular shipments. Check out the local coffee shops, especially large coffee shop brands like Starbucks. The same goes with bars. Similar to liquor stores, the boxes used for shipping alcohol are more durable than the average box. This makes it a great location to find boxes. However, restaurants should be your first stop. Since most of their shipment is perishable, there is a constant influx of boxes, making it a good resource for moving supplies!

Use Alternative Ways to Find Boxes

Instead of spending a ton of money on boxes, use one of these alternative ways to find boxes. Although it might be awkward at first, all of these options have excess boxes that are going to be thrown away. Boxes are important and are necessary moving supplies. So take advantage of these opportunities and make your move cheaper! Also, consider recycling your moving boxes by repurposing them or giving them to someone about to move!