Moving to Chicago?

Long Distance Moves to ChicagoMoving to windy city i.e., Chicago doesn’t have to be stressful with Men on the Move! One of the closest major cities to Detroit and a very popular place for Michiganders to move. The jobs, the sites, and plus…it’s Chicago. Making the jump to a bigger city can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

We have a list of tips and tricks to make your move to Chicago smooth sailing. We’ve got insight on out of state moves, securing your apartment in a new big city, and the best way to plan your move. We even can help you with your packing and supply your moving supplies.

Long Distance Moves to Chicago Done by Men on the Move

Whether you’re moving for a new job, a new school or just a change of pace Men on the Move can help your move. We’re here for the long haul, and will get you there will no hassle or worry. We’ve been in business long enough to know how to make sure you move to Chicago goes smoothly and hassle free.

If you need a trusted company to help your move to Chicago, let Men on the Move in Michigan help. We have the experience, the reputation, and professionalism you would expect from your home town’s local movers. We have helped others with their long distance moves to Chicago, the New England area, and other big cities like New York.

Our award winning service won’t let you down. We want your residential or commercial move to go smoothly. So next time you need to move, contact us here at Men on the Move! We’ll get you ready and moved into to your new home!

Men on the move professional movers specialize in moving from the Metro Detroit area to Illinois and other midwest metro areas.  We can even give you special pricing for long-distance out of state moves. A good example would be hiring us to move you from the Plymouth-Canton area to Glenview Illinois.

Get your free quote on a move to Chicago today!

Why Move Yourself This Winter

Winter Moving

Don’t face the elements while moving, hire Men on the Move to do it for you.

Winter weather got you down? Moving you or your business during the winter months are just a headache. This time of year might be cheaper from rental companies that make you do all the moving, but who wants to be out in the elements this time of year? Moving in the winter runs a high risk of injury and if you have limited mobility or past injury it can be a nightmare to try and move.

Moving in Michigan Winter Weather

This winter has seen it’s slew of different weather patterns, and planning a move around the storm systems is just unrealistic. Why brave the elements yourself when you can pay someone else to do it for you. You can hire a local licensed moving company to do all the heavy lifting while you enjoy settling into your new warm home. For those of us who hate the cold, the cost is worth it.

Avoid Injury During Your Move

Winter runs a high risk of injury. If you’re not slipping on ice, you’re dealing with the road conditions in a truck you’ve never driven before. This unnecessary stress is easy to avoid when you hire Men on the Move to deal with this for you. It’s always nice to have tips and tricks to moving in the winter, but our biggest one is to hire a trusted moving company to do it for you. 

February 2017 Moving Deal

For the month of February we are running a special deal, we’re calling it our midweek move discount. If you decide to move Tuesday or Wednesday and get ½ off Travel fees. We’ll get you all moved all you have to do is point us in the right direction. Book your move now!


So don’t wait for the winter weather, get your free residential or commercial quote today!