Let us do the Heavy Lifting this Winter!

If you are planning a move in the winter, we get your line of thinking. It’s usually cheaper and there are more movers and moving trucks available than there are in the busy spring and summer season. But when moving day comes, have you prepared both your old and new house for the move? If not, here is a rundown of precautions you should take to protect yourself and your friendly Michigan Movers against the elements!

Tips For Heavy Lifting While Moving

  • Clear the snow out of your driveway and walkway 

    This is nothing new to you if you live where snow falls every winter, as you probably have already gotten out there to shovel a couple of times this year. But make sure you clear the snow from your driveway and sidewalk and salt the ice prior to moving day. This helps so that you or your hired movers avoid injury.

  • Keep shovels and salt handy 

    You just never can predict when snow will fall and how hard it will come down, especially here in Michigan. Once you’ve shoveled and salted, the snow could very well come down again during your move. So just keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly.

  • Protect entrances 

    ILet us do the Heavy Lifting this Winter!t’s best to lay down some cardboard, both when moving out of your old house and into your new one, right inside of the front and back doors to protect your carpet or wood floors. You don’t want all that snow, mud, and ice getting tracked inside the house. With all the entering and exiting you and your hired moving professionals will be doing on moving day. It will happen a lot if you don’t protect against it.

  • Make sure heat and lights are on at the new house 

    Whether you already have had access to your new home in the days leading up to your move, or you have to contact a property manager of some sort, it’s best to make sure the heat is functioning a day or two before you move in and is on and working when you arrive and unpack. You don’t want your new house to be just as cold as it is outdoors when you get inside to unload your belongings. It also wouldn’t hurt to have some warm beverages on hand, like coffee or hot chocolate, both for you and your hired movers to warm up with!

Don’t be left out in the cold on moving day this winter; hire the trusted professionals at Men on the Move to do all your heavy lifting! Our movers are caring enough to handle your delicate china or glassware. Also, strong enough to carry your pool tables or entertainment centers! Take advantage of our newly-reduced prices and move this winter when no one else is! Get your free quote here.