What is Interstate Moving?

interstate moving

When preparing to move into a new home, knowing the terminology of moving is very important. Terms like interstate moving or intrastate moving may sound like they are the same. But in reality, are actually very different. If at any point during your residential move, the moving truck carrying your belongings has to cross a state line, your move is considered an interstate move.

So, how do you know if your move is actually interstate moving?

  1. If your move begins in one state and ends in another, you are making an interstate move. For example, if your move begins in Michigan and ends in Ohio, you are in need of an interstate moving company.
  2. If your move begins in one state, during transit enters another state. Then ends in the starting state, you are in need of an Interstate mover.
  3. If your move starts in the United States and ends in another country. For example, if your move begins in Michigan and ends in Canada, you will need to hire a professional interstate mover.

If at any point during a move the moving company has to cross state lines, you will be hiring movers for an interstate move. Interstate moving is very different from an intrastate moving, which has a completely different set of rules that apply. At Men on the Move, we specialize in both interstates moving as well as intrastate moving. We will discuss your moving plans and help you to understand the type of move you will need, and why.

Tell us about your moving needs now, and we will give you a free estimate for your residential interstate move.

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