Moving Tips

Moving Tips and Advice for Efficient Moves

In the interest of saving you money, the following list of moving tips has proven extremely helpful in reducing the amount of time and frustration spent on your moving day.

#1 Help Us Help You!

Please help by preparing for your move.

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Protecting Your Floors

Protecting your floors and carpets during a move shouldn’t be an afterthought. During the moving process, a million things can be running through your head. Are the movers placing your boxes in the correct area? Can the couch fit through the door? After the dust has settled, you realize that your floors are dented and scuffed. Your carpet is torn up. Nobody wants to deal with floor damage after they are done moving.

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Moving Appliances

Need some tips for preparing your appliances for moving day? When you are looking to buy a home, sometimes people will leave their appliances behind for the next owner. For many, it’s just easier to buy new items than haul away the older ones. However, for people who have newer equipment, leaving these appliances can be less than ideal. Fortunately, you can take your appliances with you. All you need is a little preparation!

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Finding Boxes

Looking for alternative ways to find boxes? When people are moving, boxes become essential. However, buying moving boxes can become very expensive. Unless you have a hidden surplus of boxes, you are going to have to find boxes. Instead of buying boxes, there are some alternative methods to getting moving boxes.

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Moving Instruments

It is important to know how to pack your musical instruments. While packing is straightforward, there are certain items that need special care during a move. Musical instruments are one of them. Even if you have a case, it does not guarantee the safety of the instrument.

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Senior Moving

Moving as a senior citizen can be more difficult, both physically and mentally. In addition to body aches and pains, seniors have to endure the same stress that everyone has during a move. Furthermore, seniors often are downsizing, leaving the family home, and moving into something smaller. Even moves between apartments can be hard. However, there are a few moving tips that can make moving easier for senior movers.

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Saving on Moving Supplies

In addition to more tips on finding moving boxes, there are other ways to save. This includes taking advantage of seasonal discounts and specials.

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Men on the Move Story


Moving During The School Year?

If you have kids, I’m sure you have dealt with the stress of the back-to-school fiasco. But, what about the hassle of having to move with young children during the school year? Unfortunately, not all moves are planned. Sometimes we have to hire an emergency moving service due to evictions, family emergencies, or other surprise situations. When short notice moves take place, your children may have to switch schools depending on whether you are moving locally or long distance.

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Holiday Moving Tips

If you are thinking about moving during the holiday season, make sure to contact Men on the Move. The holidays can be a stressful time. Do not let a pending move add to your stress level. The experts at Men on the Move can help your move go quick and smooth leaving you time to enjoy the holidays with your family.

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Benefits Of Springtime Moves

  • Fewer people move in the Spring than in the Summer. This means that our schedule is mostly open for your convenience.
  • Moving is more comfortable in the Spring because of the temperature. Winter is too cold, Summer is too hot, and Spring is just right!
  • Spring is one of the best seasons to sell your house. A lot of people like to buy houses during the Spring season so they can be settled in by the time Summer comes.
  • If you have kids, moving in the Spring is the easiest time. Also, there are a lot of school breaks in the Spring that they can use to integrate themselves into the new house and perhaps get ready for a new school. Not to mention, with the kids home, you will have an extra set of hands for unpacking.

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Fall Moving Tips

Moving in the fall presents a few different challenges as well as advantages. For parents as an example, it is important to know that school districts have different schedules and can start before or after Labor Day. So, check your local school district to make sure your kids start on the right foot. In addition, make sure to label your boxes. Especially when it comes to seasonal clothes. It will make your life easier if you are able to identify what each box has.

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Just The Moving Tip Of The Iceberg!

Of course, these are just some of the great moving tips and advice we have for you. If you have more questions about moving give us a call at (734) 744-9547. In addition, if you would like a free quote on your next move click here for a residential quote or click here for a commercial quote. You will be glad you did!

Tips for new homeowners

Not everything is about moving of course. It’s about living! For many moving into a new home or apartment, it’s just that, starting a new life. Below are some tips we’ll keep adding that can help those looking for who have questions or looking for ideas. Feel free to contribute yours!

Helpful Homeowner Tips