Tips On How To Safely Move Your Houseplants

Safely moving house plants

Are you worried about moving with your plant? Moving through Men On The Move is as simple as you can get. We are a trustworthy company with decades of experience. Our staff knows the importance a plant can hold. Whether you received a fern at your grandfather’s funeral or have been working really hard on growing a Japanese maple tree, we understand. We also understand that plants require extra special care. Many moving companies refuse to ship household plants because of the special care expected from them. But not Men On The Move! We will safely move your house plant from destination to destination with the utmost care.

Ways To Safely Move Your House Plant

There are safe ways & other options to ship your plants if you’re nervous about letting a moving company handle them.

-Take a cutting of the beloved plant. If a plant is too big to move a cutting makes it easy to bring part of it with you. Take a clean cut, between 3 to 6 inches long, on a healthy area of the bush that you want to take. Be sure to keep the cutting moist and hydrated by either placing it in a vase, for flower plants, or in secured wet towels.

-Pack the plant in a box. Pack the plant in a box with packing paper filling the extra space to keep it secure and place a bag over the plant to keep the soil in place. Also, poke a few holes into the box to allow for air flow. Finally, clearly label the box “FRAGILE” and “LIVE PLANT”. That way anyone handling the plant’s box will be aware and cautious.

-Take them in the car with you. Taking plants with you is the quickest and safest way to transfer a plant. You can make sure they remain healthy by getting enough sunlight and water during the trip. This also keeps them in contact with regulated air flow if they are in the front of the car with you, compared to being left in a dark and stuffy trunk.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful to you and your move. Good luck with your move and your houseplants! If you have any questions, contact one of our locations for more information.