Ann Arbor Moving Resources

At Men on the Move, we have helped families move to and from Ann Arbor for decades. Not only do we move families to Ann Arbor, but we service all the surrounding areas. Areas such as Ypsilanti, Saline, Canton, South Lyon, and many others.  Call our Ann Arbor office today at (734) 913-9966 to book your move!

Ann Arbor Moving Resources For New Home Owners

When you move, to Ann Arbor or any new city there are some steps you should take to make your move go smoothly. Your first step is to fully plan your move.  Also, in that first step make sure to fill out a quote form for Men on the Move. Next, make sure to pack up all your belongings. Make sure to label all your moving boxes clear and easy to read. In addition, if there are items you do not want to move and would like to put in storage, Men on the Move offers storage options.

These are just a few tips to help you move more successfully. If you would like more tips, make sure to read our moving tips page.  Below are more Ann Arbor moving resources to answer questions you may have about hiring the professional movers at Men on the Move.

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