The Last Things to Take Care of Before You Move

The Final Stages (A.k.a. The Paperwork Stage)The Last Things to Take Care of Before You Move

So you’re in the final steps before moving. You’ve got all of your arrangements made, your moving company contacted, final closing papers signed, lease signed, security deposit down and your move date is fast approaching. But what next? The next steps can be some of the most important so we’ve compiled a list of things for you to accomplish before your move.

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Back to business, it’s a few weeks out, and at this time you need to be focused on making sure all of your records are transferred, and arrangements have been made in regards to doctors, banks, and your kids.

More Things To Take Care of Before You Move

Doctor and Dental Records (For You and Your Pets)

A little bit of effort on this can save a lot of pain in the future. Do. Your. Research. Talk with your health insurance company see who you can go to, or where you can go. Once you have a good idea of where/who you’d like to see, call the office and arrange for all your records to be transferred. You’ll have to call your doctor’s office, sign a release document to give permission to transfer them/ tell them where they are going, and boom. You’re done.

If you have any pets, make sure to do this as well for them. Also, make sure your not moving into a “Pet Restrictive Zone” some cities have rules for some pets. So make sure Fido is allowed in your new area.

Making Sure Your Kids Get to Their New School

I’m going to say this many times over in this article: Do your research. Each state is different on how they handle education, so get to know your new district. See what it excels at and what it’s lacking in. See if you have a choice on what school they can attend, or if there are any alternatives.Take some time and find out what you are moving into. If you’ve made your choice about the school then you need to start figuring out making sure your child is able to attend. 

Contact the school and talk with the administration, ask all the questions you need to ask. This is very important if you child has special needs, dietary restrictions/ allergies if they will need to take advanced placement tests or go through an application process. So from here, you need to make sure that their official records are transferred to their new school before they start. To do this you contact the administration at your current school and sign permission forms that will allow them to transfer the official records. If they aren’t official records, then the school won’t accept your child.

Bank and Finances-

Does your bank have branches in your new town? You should double check. If you see one location in your town, call that branch to see if they are in operation. Sometimes lists and websites are not up to date, so double check. If you need a new bank or credit union figure out what you’re looking for in an institution and where their locations are. Call them and chat about setting up a new account and what that would look like. If you have to transfer money or get a new banking card, do it sooner rather than later. Not being able to access funds can put a real damper on getting to a new town, so get it together now.

Other Financial institutions include:

  • Credit Card Companies
  • Loan Institutions
  • Stocks and Accounts


When moving one of the more important things to get right is timing turning on your utilities. You need to arrange this before hand so that your not left without water or electricity for a few days (no one wants that). You need to figure out who supplies utilities at your new place and what they need in order to get them turned on. Also, you may have to pay a security deposit, or make sure that there isn’t a back bill on the place you are moving to. Call them, talk, and get your ducks in a row.

The best strategy is to time it so that you can get your utilities turned on the day your arrival. Same can be said about getting your current utilities paid up and shut off. Call and figure out how much you need to pay to even up, and how you are going to get your security deposit back (if there was one). Ask them if they would be willing to send the old security deposit off to the next utility company if they are willing.

Who you should be contacting:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Trash  

Health Insurance and other types of Insurance-

If you are transferring to a new job, or a new state this one is going to be important, especially if you have any kind of Government assistance with insurance. If you went through the healthcare market you should call them and tell them about your move. You may not have to transfer insurance companies, but your rates may change due to each state’s individual market. If you are beginning a new job, call them to see what their insurance options are. Alert all of your insurance companies that you are moving, and see what their process is. Better safe than sorry.

Other Insurance Companies:

  • Life insurance companies
  • Fire/Flood Insurance Companies
  • Home/Apartment Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Pet Insurance

Other people/companies you should tell about your move: 

  • Phone companies
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Any Product subscription sites
  • Friends, Family

So there is the list. Also, make sure you get through all of these and you should be set. Just remember, if you need a company to help you move, we here at Men on the Move can help! Happy moving!


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