September 11, 2001 Where were you ?

I remember sitting in my office on Ford road in Westland as the UPS man came in and said did you hear a plane hit the World Trade Center building. I then turned on WJR and was listening to everything unfold. It was then that I heard a second plane crashed into the Trade Center. I left my office and went the the Elementary School to pick up my daughter. I ran into a friend of mine who was campagning outside the school because it was also primary election day. I told him what had happen and he was shocked as well. I remember so many people there to pick up there kids it was crazy. I got into the house just as the first tower fell. I remember feeling this isn’t happening. I spent the rest of the day glued to the tv hoping that everything would be ok but knowing full well it was already so impactful to so many. I know as I home this weekend I will be thinking of those who gave so much that day.

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