How to Identify Bad Landlords before Moving In

How to Identify Bad Landlords before Moving In

When searching for an affordable apartment, one of the biggest concerns is whether the landlord will demonstrate a commitment to serving the tenant. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the home is safe and maintained. However, many landlords try to keep costs low by minimizing the staff and postponing repairs.

Very unethical landlord practices can put both the tenant’s health and property in jeopardy. Fire hazards can lead to actual fires that can consume everything that the tenant owns. To protect themselves in the event of a fire, break-in, or other disaster, tenants should consider looking for renters insurance at RentersInsurance.com.

Few renters want the hassle of dealing with a dishonest, unethical, or unreliable landlord, especially if the tenant has to go through the trouble of suing the landlord or the expense of terminating the lease early. Fortunately, there are ways that tenants can identify and avoid bad landlords in the first place.

Signs Of Bad Landlords

The first telltale sign of a bad landlord is the condition of the property. Most landlords try to get the property in the best condition possible in order to impress potential renters. If the apartment already appears to be of low-quality, that is a sign that the landlord isn’t responsible.

Another way to determine if the landlord is reliable is his or her overall attitude. If the landlord does not behave in a professional manner, this is a sign. Many tenants get an unsettling feeling when they first meet a disreputable landlord.

The Internet can be a handy tool for identifying bad landlords.  Wronged tenants are often eager to voice their frustrations. Many websites list user reviews of apartments. If none are available, the apartment seer could consider approaching one of the current tenants to ask about his or her experiences.

Another approach is to try to determine whether there are any legal incidents that the landlord has been involved in. Most landlords do not change their behaviors and any repeated legal troubles that the landlord has been involved in can be a sign of things to come. Before signing a lease, the tenant should learn his or her legal rights. Even though many poor tenants can be spotted, the tenant should be prepared in the event that the landlord turns out to be irresponsible.

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