The Last Things to Take Care of Before You Move

The Final Stages (A.k.a. The Paperwork Stage)The Last Things to Take Care of Before You Move

So you’re in the final steps before moving. You’ve got all of your arrangements made, your moving company contacted, final closing papers signed, lease signed, security deposit down and your move date is fast approaching. But what next? The next steps can be some of the most important so we’ve compiled a list of things for you to accomplish before your move.

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Back to business, it’s a few weeks out, and at this time you need to be focused on making sure all of your records are transferred, and arrangements have been made in regards to doctors, banks, and your kids.

More Things To Take Care of Before You Move

Doctor and Dental Records (For You and Your Pets)

A little bit of effort on this can save a lot of pain in the future. Do. Your. Research. Talk with your health insurance company see who you can go to, or where you can go. Once you have a good idea of where/who you’d like to see, call the office and arrange for all your records to be transferred. You’ll have to call your doctor’s office, sign a release document to give permission to transfer them/ tell them where they are going, and boom. You’re done.

If you have any pets, make sure to do this as well for them. Also, make sure your not moving into a “Pet Restrictive Zone” some cities have rules for some pets. So make sure Fido is allowed in your new area.