September 11, 2001 Where were you ?

I remember sitting in my office on Ford road in Westland as the UPS man came in and said did you hear a plane hit the World Trade Center building. I then turned on WJR and was listening to everything unfold. It was then that I heard a second plane crashed into the Trade Center. I left my office and went the the Elementary School to pick up my daughter. I ran into a friend of mine who was campagning outside the school because it was also primary election day. I told him what had happen and he was shocked as well. I remember so many people there to pick up there kids it was crazy. I got into the house just as the first tower fell. I remember feeling this isn’t happening. I spent the rest of the day glued to the tv hoping that everything would be ok but knowing full well it was already so impactful to so many. I know as I home this weekend I will be thinking of those who gave so much that day.

BREWS BLUES & BBQs Hits Westland

Make sure your calendar is clear of engagements, except for one, Saturday, Sept. 24.

That’s when the city of Westland and the Westland Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a new event sure to please those who love good music, food and drinks.

Blues Brews & BBQ will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the grounds of Westland City Hall, 36601 Ford, west of Wayne Road.

The event will feature some of the best BBQ around, great blues bands — Front Street Blues Band from noon to 1:40 p.m., The Boa Constrictors 2-3:40 p.m. and The Alligators 4-6 p.m. — a wide variety of Michigan-brewed craft beers, a car show and a kid zone.

Bring the whole family to enjoy the day. For updates, check the city’s website and Facebook page.